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My Mom and Dad

My mom and dad were the greatest. Not only did they bring me up in a very loving household, and not only did they teach me alot about life, and right and wrong.....but we had fun all the way.

They both worked very hard, and worked their way up from fairly modest beginnings. They sacrificed of themselves so that I could have. (I think this was typical of many people in those days, and something that people of my generation often take for granted)


No, they were not perfect...far from it. Oh, they had their problems, but in the end, after my dad died, she could only think back to all the good things they had done together.

They are both gone now. I pray that they are up in heaven with God.

I only hoped that Cheryl and I could be as good a parents as my mom and dad were for me. I am honestly not sure that this is even possible, but if I know my parents, they are not up there just enjoying their well deserved rest. No, I’m sure they are looking down and are still trying to be helpful to us all in whatever ways they can.

When my mother was on her death bed in the hospital, one of her friends commented to me out of the blue one day that “You really should write”. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about,  but when my mother died, these words came to mind, and I decided I needed to write a short paper on all the thoughts that were running around my head about my father and mother’s life/death.

Click here to read a long story that I wrote only days after my mothers and fathers life/death. I wrote it to document my life with both my mother and father. I wrote it because I was afraid that some day, I would myself forget them. (Please be aware that the story above is not only quite personal, but in some areas quite graphic at some points. Post it to help everyone understand that time in my life.)

When I wrote it, I am not sure if I was worried about memory loss, or simply my getting too big for my own britches and taking it all for granted. Either way, I simply don’t want to forget my mom and dad because they never forgot me.


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