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This is an article I wrote for the newsletter of the First Parish Congregational Church of Leicester inviting people to get involved.....and so I invite anyone reading here to as well!

A Moment for Mission – Spotlight on Worcester Fellowship

Whenever possible we would like to feature the good works of people in the congregation. You are invited to share about something you have been involved in, or would like to be involved in with the support of the church. You are also invited to share with the congregation during worship, where more “Moments for Mission” will be a regular feature.


By Quentin Lewis

On September 6, 2009 Pastor Doreen and I invited members and friends of FCC to join us in worship with the Worcester Fellowship. I am writing this article to tell you a little about the organization, to talk about how we help them, why we enjoy it, and invite you to get involved.


Their website (www.worcesterfellowship.org) describes the mission by saying: "Worcester Fellowship is dedicated to ending isolation through spiritual care and community." The words "spiritual care and community" are the key. The Worcester Fellowship is an open, sharing and caring outdoor community that not only provides bodily nutrition, but a healthy dose of spiritual nurturing as well. It serves and supports the homeless, poor and otherwise marginalized within the city, and does so by creating a community. Worcester Fellowship doesn't ask anyone to gather courage to walk through a door to seek community, but brings the community to places that feel comfortable.


Personally, I don't go there to feed people, but rather share time and break bread with others who attend. I'm not interested as much in “helping” as in connecting with a fellow human, and to build friendships. It is a wonderful community, with some wonderful people.


The Sunday activities revolve around a worship service that is faith filled. Together we praise and learn about God. The messages are real, relevant and inspiring. The community is one I believe Jesus would appreciate,totally open to everyone, no matter where they are on their faith journey.


I enjoy my small part in the Worcester Fellowship because it entails hands-on work (making sandwiches, and providing lunch items) that touches people directly. I am also connected, part of a larger group, all of us sharing worship, nutrition, fellowship and the word of God. I've learned that "being there" with and for people can be the greatest gift and that this sort of sharing doesn't require any money.


Pastor Doreen and I have connected with the Worcester Fellowship a number of times in the past two years, not only for Sunday worship, but in fellowship events including bowling and a picnic along the river. But our connection with Worcester Fellowship is not been as regular as I would like, so I plan on signing up as a regular supporter. This means getting on their schedule as "Lunch Providers" four times a year.


Being a "Lunch Provider" involves making about 60-70 sandwiches, bringing 35 snacks, and drinks on our scheduled day. They are always in need of new white sox and underwear, and I try to provide those when possible. Since two lunch providers are normally assigned for each week, we would be calling and coordinating the menu with that other group assigned the same day.


How can you participate? There are many possibilities. Come along for the worship and fellowship! If that doesn't work for you, we can always use help making sandwiches, and providing snacks and drinks. Hard boiled eggs are always a big hit. Participation is welcome at any level, from a one time donation to regular worship attendance and sandwich making. I promise you that it is very uplifting - time well spent.


If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact Pastor Doreen or me, Quentin Lewis.


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