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You Could Win The Black_kitten Award

All you have to do is join the Black_kitten's Webring and you quallify for The Black_kitten Award. Its that simple, Well almost. I will have to check out your homepage once you join to see if it is worthy of an award. What do I mean by worthy? Well I look for Complete pages, meaning no dead links or Underconstruction sign's, and it needs to be well thought out and nice. Don't think that it has to be super or anything either though. I don't want you to change anything for the award. As long as its a good homepage and a complete one. If it is, then you will recieve a personalized Award from me, Black_kitten, with your name and the date. It looks like this award which Midnight won from me for such a good homepage.


If you click on the award it will take you to Midnight's homepage. So if you have a site on black cats or cats of any color then join my Webring:
and you may recieve an award in your email.