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Pearl's Potions

Hi! I'm Heather, I'm currently a 4-H member in the Bradley 4-H Club, raising dairy goats for a project. As an offshoot from this project I have started hand-crafting soaps (goats milk and others), lotions and other skin care and beauty aids to support my other 4-H projects as well as my continuing education at a Junior College then a University where I will be majoring in Performing Arts and Foreign Language (Spanish).

Below you will find descriptions of the product I currently have available, if you are looking for a product not listed below please e-mail me I will try to provide anything I can. If I cannot I will inform you by return e-mail. If you find something you would like to order please use the printable order form and mail your order to me with a check or Money Order in US dollars made payable to Pearl's Potions. I will fill the order and have it in the mail to you usually within 3 days. Be sure to click on the banners below to discover some other great places to get health and beauty products on the Internet!!

Product Descriptions

All items are all natural except as noted by *
1A- Pearl's Luxury Bath Salts- For a relaxing bath try adding a tablespoon of these refreshing all natural bath salts, that have been used for hundreds of years to relieve headaches, tension, and sore muscles.

1B-Pearl's Glycerin Soap*- Use these cute bars of soap to decorate your bath, these translucent molded bars of soap are exclusively formulated as exfolients to relieve your dry skin.

1C-Pearl's Goats Milk Soap- Use these great smelling all natural soaps to work up a great lather. These bars of soap are soft and creamy and will leave your skin feeling baby soft.

1D-Pearl's Silky Bath Beads- The next time you take a warm, relaxing bath, drop in one or two of these fragrant bath beads in the water, when the beads dissolve in the water it releases a great blend of skin softening milk and enriching oils, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.

1E-Pearl's Sensual Bath Oil- Relaxing bath oil has been specially blended to relax the senses and leave the skin soft and silky.

1F-Soothing Lip Balm*- Make those lips so kissably soft.

1G-Pearl's Mischievous Perfume- This light sweetly scented perfume is great for those women who want no more than a wisp of delicious fragrance, women will like it no matter what their tastes are!

1H-Hair Stay Hair Spray- Tired of that nasty smelling hair spray? Try this stay put spray in your favorite Pearl's Potions scent.

1J -Pearl's Vanilla Lotion- This fragrant lotion captures the deliciously light scent of pure vanilla, perfect for your skins moisturizing needs.

1K-Pearl's Pleasing Skin Cream- Use this thick luscious cream to remedy that dry skin, sooth this on after cleansing your face, or place it in the refrigerator for a cool treat on a hot night.

1L-Hand Cream for Gardeners- This fragrant, heavy-duty cream is great because of its thick, coating, moisturizing texture and can be used as a body cream for those dry problem spots such as elbows, knees, and especially hands.

1M-Oil Free Moisturizer- If you are one of those people that do not like that oily texture on your skin, try this aloe enriched oil free moisturizer.

1N-Wrinkle Smoothing Potion- This blend of oils and lanolin will help smooth out and lessen the appearance of fine lines on the face. Rub a small amount into the skin at night and let this potion work its magic!

1P-Pearl's Body Oil- This unique combination of special waters and body-silkening oils help the skin retain vital moisture.

1Q-Pearl's Spa Bath- This specially designed bath treatment combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and aroma therapy that come together to relax you and help moisturize your skin.

1R-Pearl's Facial Toner- This formula is a gentle facial toner especially nice for dry and sensitive skin. It tones and tightens without stinging or irritating the skin.

1S-After Bath Splash- This formula can be used after a bath or any other time you wish a light refreshing fragrance, use your favorite Pearl's Potions scent!

1T- Mom's Gypsy Oil- A specially blended oil accompanied with the powers of herbs claimed by the Gypsies and others to hold nearly miraculous healing properties. **Topical Use Only**

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