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Generally Useful Links

This page includes links that don't just fit one try-it, badge, or IPP. Some are other sites like this one, which lead you to the information you need for many badges. Others are sites that are just generally useful, maybe not even for badgework, but just as resources. Basically, a cornucopia of links. I will categorize them as I go, so don't worry....although you'd never know by looking at my desk, I do love organization.

Sites Useful for Multiple Age Levels

Other Sites Listing Try-It/Badge/IPP Help Links


Levels Covered


Prarie Hill GSC "Inside Our Cottage" Try-Its, Badges, & IPP'sGood site for all ages
Making Friends site Try-Its, Badges, & IPP'sHas craft ideas & tells how they tie in to badge work.
How Stuff Works Try-Its, Badges, & IPP'sNeed to know how something (a machine, computer, whatever) works? Lookit up'll probably find it!

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