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Wide Games

Awareness Scavenger Hunt
Give a list to each team, and emphasize that they should simply check off, draw, or whatever, the items that they find. Anything living should not be harmed. Give the scavengers 15 - 20 minutes to look for their items. When time is up, gather the group to share what they found for each item.
List: (Feel free to add your own ideas)
Something that looks different in winter
Something that smells sweet
Something that squeaks
Something yellow
Something that makes a noise when you step on it
Something red
Something that has a rough texture
Something which smells sour
Something you could eat
Something round
Something that has a smooth texture
Something that looks like a flower, but isn't
3 leaves with different shapes
A piece of rock with a corner
A poem about nature
A pretty design
3 kinds of rocks
Something blue
Something large
Something heavy

Bandaid Tag
Posted to WAGGGS-L by Linda Gardner
Each girl has two bandaids (her 2 hands). When tagged by another girl she covers the tagged spot with a bandaid. If she is tagged and has no more bandaids, she sits down. Set the game boundaries for the group. In this game all girls with a free hand (available bandaid) are IT. When game starts, all players try to tag the others. The objective is to be he last standing player. You can introduce other variations (ways to administer 'first aid' to those sitting so they can reenter the game, such as tapping on head, perhaps also saying the girl's name).

Barnyard Bedlam
Materials: A paper bag for each group & a bag of peanuts (in the shell). Scatter the peanuts in a designated area, such as a meadow or playing field.
How to Play: Divide into teams. Each group represents an animal & must practice making the noise of its animal. Each team selects a captain, who carries the team's paper bag. At the signal, the groups go into the area where the peanuts are scattered. When a player sees a peanut, she must point to it & make her team's animal noise. The team captain will come & pick up the peanut & put it into the team's bag. The captain is the only one who can pick up the peanuts. When time is up, the team with the most peanuts in their bag wins.

Becker Bottle Game
Contributed to the Guide Zone by:Tiger Rousseau, Quebec City, Canada
Divide girls into two equal teams each with their backs to opposite walls. At each end of the playing field is a empty becker bottle (a Becker Bottle is a plastic one gallon milk jug), one designated for each team. In the middle of the playing field is a medium-sized ball. Each team receives numbers from 1 on up, mirrored on the opposite team. When the Referee calls a number, both players with that number rush to get the ball. When a player holding the ball gets tagged (not tossed to the ground!!) the ball stays where it is and players return to the team, and another number is called. Strategy is important - a player can kick or hit the ball towards their opponent's becker bottle and hopefully run and catch up with it before his opponent. Points are scored when the person of the opposite team reaches the becker bottle and touches it with the ball. (The ball must be held when tagging the becker bottle.)

Elbow Tag
Everyone picks a partner, links elbows and holds still. These people are the obstacles. One pair becomes the "It" and the "Chase-ee" and they do not link elbows. On go, "It" tries to tag "Chase-ee".
"Chase-ee" can link elbows with an obstacle...the person on the other side of the obstacle breaks off and becomes the "Chase-ee". If "It" catches the "Chase-ee", they then switch roles.

Flashlight Tag
Materials: One flashlight for each seeker & one for each team of hiders.
How to Play: Make sure boundaries of game are well defined. Hiders (buddies) are given a head start to find a hiding place. When hidden, they must blink their flashlight once every minute. Teams of seekers go & find the hiders, and tag them when found. Captured hiders become seeker, and vice-versa…so that those who were just seeking run off to hide. The winners are those who have : A. Found the most hiders and B: been found the least number of times. Make sure this game is played in safe terrain.

Giants, Wizards, Trolls
This game is very similar to the ever-popular "Paper, Scissors, Rock", but much more active! The game is best played in a gym or other similar room. Divide the girls into two teams. The teams gather at opposide ends of the gym and decide which creature they want to be for the first round: either Giants, Wizards or Trolls. The whole team must be the same creature. When both teams have decided, they line up, facing the other team, in the middle of the gym. Everyone together yells "Giants! Wizards! Trolls!" and then whatever creature their team has decided to be. For example, a team who is Giants would yell: "Giants! Wizards! Trolls! GIANTS!"
Now here's the catch: Giants step on Trolls (ie Giants beat Trolls), Trolls tickle Wizards, and Wizards zap Giants. In each round, whichever team "beats" the other team must chase the losers back towards their side of the gym. (For example: If one team yells "Giants!" and the other yells "Trolls!", the Giants have won (remember Giants step on Trolls). So the Giants chase the Trolls back to their side of the gym.) Anyone on the losing team to be tagged before they can touch their wall of the gym now belongs to the other team. In rounds where both teams end up being the same creature, consider it a tie and start over. Play the game until most of the girls are on one team.
In addition, there are actions to do for each of the creatures during the yell that starts off each round. Giants: raise arms high overhead; Wizards: arms in front of body as if throwing a magic spell; Trolls: hunch down curl arms inwards.

Select one player to be IT. The rest of the group forms pairs (an extra person may form a threesome). Pairs link inside elbows and arrange into a single circle with IT in the center. To select the missing links, IT closes her yes, turns around, and points to a pair of players. When IT says "GO", the pair breaks apart, and the two players try to link up with other pairs without being tagged. When a person links up, she shouts "GO", and the person on the other end of the pair must detach and run, trying to find another pair with which to link. When a missing link is tagged, he switches places with IT.

Loose Caboose
Select a player to be the Loose Caboose. Divide the rest of the group into "trains" of three. Each player is a train car and holds the waist of the person in front. The first player in a train is the Engine. The object is for the Loose Caboose to try to attach to a train. When all are aboard, the trains chug around the train yard (whistle blowing, engine chugging, and other sound effects are encouraged) trying to dodge and turn to keep away
from the Caboose. When the Caboose attaches to a train, the Engine of that train becomes the new Loose Caboose.

The Prui is a gentle, friendly creature that grows. All girls mill about with their eyes closed. When you bump into someone, ask "Prui?" If the other girl answers "Prui?" you have not found the Prui. The referee whispers Prui to one of the players. Since the Prui can see but cannot talk, the player opens her eyes. When someone bumps into her and asks "Prui?" There is no answer; you have found the Prui. That person opens her eyes and becomes part of the Prui. The line of girls will become long and it may take some time for the last players to find the end and become part of the Prui.

Space Stations
There to five round objects are placed on the ground to become Space Stations. One person is selected to be Ground Control. Everyone else are Astronauts floating through space, singing their favorite space theme. When Ground Control shouts "Red Alert!" the spaced-out players run to hook up with the nearest Space Station. Unfortunately the last player to touch a Space Station is lost in space forever and is out of the game. Two players cannot touch while hooking up to a Space Station or they are both out of the game. As the Astronauts become better at locating Space Stations and the group gets smaller, Ground Control occasionally removes a Space Station until only one is left. The last person to survive a "Red Alert" is the next Ground Controller.

Spot The Lion
Materials: A small piece of masking tape
How to play: Teams of five to eight girls are formed. Each team is given its own corner or meeting spot. On the signal, the girls scatter & stand with their eyes shut. The game leader runs around tapping each girl lightly on the back; at that time she puts the piece of tape on the back of one of the girls who, unknown to herself, becomes the lion. When everyone has been tapped, the game leader shouts, "The lion is loose!" All girls then run around trying to spot the lion. When a girl does so, she hurries to her team corner without arousing the lion's suspicion. If a girl suspects that she is the lion (no one is allowed to touch her own back to see if she is the lion), she goes to the center of the room & roars loudly. When this happens, all players must freeze. If the girl who roared is the lion, the game is over. If the girl who roared is not the lion, the game continues for one minute before time is called. The winning team is the one with the most girls in its corner when the game ends.

Statue Tag
Select one player to be IT. Draw a start line with a stick or a piece of chalk. The other players gather behind the start line while IT stands 20 yards away with her back to the group. IT counts to 10 out loud as fast as possible while everyone runs or walks quickly toward her. As soon as 10 is reached, IT turns around and players stiffen into statues and may not move. Anyone caught moving, is sent back to the start line. The person who is IT turns around and counts to 10 again. The first player to get close enough tags IT, and all players run back to the starting line with IT in pursuit. Players reaching the start line are safe. If a player is tagged by IT while running, he or she becomes the next IT. If IT fails to tag anyone, she continues to be IT for the next round.

Stick Up
Select one player to be Sticky Fingers. Start the game by saying "This is a Stick Up!" as players scatter around the playground. When Sticky Fingers tags a player, the tagged player must place a hand on the place touched while still continuing to run. As more and more players become "Stuck" on themselves, Sticky Fingers has a better chance to totally immobilize one player. Usually when both hands of a player are stuck, the third touch
sticks her with being the next Sticky Fingers.

Zero Gravity
Select one player to be the earthbound mortal who cannot fly into space. This person is considered IT. Other players, with their magic zero gravity shoes, are safe as long as they can balance on a stone, hug a tree, stand on a log, anything to stay off the ground. The earthbound IT may guard closely any player who is losing her grip or balance and is soon to fall back to earth. Anyone tagged while on the ground loses her magic shoes and becomes the new IT.