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The Good Housekeeping Stran-Steel House
Chicago World's Fair, 1933

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Avenue of Flags
Highlighting man's scientific progress from dinosaur times to 1933, the Chicago World's Fair received more than 39 million visitors during its two years of activitiy. The fair covered over eight acres of space and consisted of hundreds of buildings and exhibits. The variety ranged from a demonstration on the uses of light at the Electrical Building, to an animal show at the Enchanted Gardens. With such a large number of things to see from a variety of topics, it would have taken the average family a week to see everything that was available to them. Carrying out the theme of the fair, the Homes of Tomorrow exhibit in the Home and Industrial Arts show illustrated the blend of modern technology and furnishings in affordable and prefabricated housing.

Many homes were commissioned and built especially for this particular area. Various companies tried their hand at creating aesthetically pleasing homes that also had some unique features that combined modern technology and futuristic design. Some were constructed of unconventional materials and guaranteed fireproof while others were more traditional yet hailed modern appliances and features built into the home interior design. Good Housekeeping magazine and the Stran-Steel Corporation combined their mission to create a home that would be fireproof, pre-fabricated, and also affordable to the average family. Constructed of steel and baked iron enamel, this home was priced in the $7,500 range.

Although only 1,300 square feet, it did not feel small due to the high ceilings and windows that give the illusion of spaciousness. Floor plans The plans of the home call for a large recreation room on the second floor. A terrace covers most of the second floor roof area in a horeshoe shape. Entertaining was also a concern when architects conceived this design. A maid's room is adjacent to the kitchen area and a nice dining room alcove sets off the living room. The rounded bay window with casement windows and wooden blinds are also nice features.