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"Time After Time"


I've been gathering midi files for you. You will 
find some of the very best midi music here.  Some 
of my pages are devoted to one artist.  On these 
pages  I have been given permission from the artist 
that  sequenced the midis  to offer you their work to   download

If you use their work, please e-mail them and let them know your URL.  Be sure to give them credit on the page you use their work on.  I exchange links too

I offer only high quality midi's.  I do not fill up a page with every file I can find.  If it does not sound good I will not list it.

Download as many files as you wish TO YOUR OWN SYSTEM.

Do not link to this site to play your music.  I update 
and change often, and when I do you will no longer  be able to play the midis.  Download to your own 
system, and enjoy.


Dick Anderson's western swing

Don Carroll's music

Eugene Hayek's pipe organ Midis

Gitpicker's music
Redsal's midis
Misc. Selections


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