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The 10 Best

The 10 Best Part-Time Home Businesses for Retirees:

Barter and Trade - Set up a barter directory to bring together individuals and businesses who wish to trade for goods and services.

Chauffeur - Many executives feel uncomfortable parking their luxury cars at the airport when they make short business trips. Here's where you come in - driving them back and forth in their cars, and taking care of the cars for them in the interim.

Computer Services - Put your computer and your skills to work for small businesses, associations, and clubs.

Credit Repair - Act as a consultant for people who have gotten into trouble with credit card abuse. Make deals with the creditors (they're the ones who will pay you), and help the debtors develop and implement a payback plan (through you).

Day Care - Become a consultant for businesses to help them set up in-house day care centers for their employees.

Home Delivery - Start a home delivery service by making deals with local restaurants, food markets, and/or video stores.

Personal Assistant - Help busy professionals by housesitting, arranging parties, making travel arrangements, etc.

Pet Sitter - Offer a valuable service to pet lovers whose only other alternative is to put their pets in kennels when they travel.

Property Consultant - Help homeowners reduce their property taxes by showing them how to get their assessments lowered.

Videotaping - Use your video camera to make money by recording events like Little League games, corporate meetings, weddings, graduations, etc.