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Setting up this page would not be possible without the invaluable help of many. The years of research others has put into scorpion research has made possible this compilation I produce here. Information of the many books related to scorpions (under heading like desert fauna, venomous animals, arachnids, entomology and scorpions) has been used extensively in my page. To these authors, I give my thanks.

Personal thought on 'Candle in the Wind'
'Candle in the wind' is to me a tribute to man's care for another. Each of our life is just like a candle; each contributing our own light, however transient. What sets man apart is that through records, our knowledge remains to be passed on to another. As in many things, the sparks of another and the combined brilliance of many lit our way towards futher understanding (in this case, of scorpions)................

Other than those unknowing contributors, I must give special thanks to some individuals who has directlly contributed to the making of the page.