project highlights

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Krakoff Communications (Aquent)

Designed sample PowerPoint templates to fit established client look.


Blattner Brunner (Aquent)

Consulted on PowerPoint project involving cross–platform font issues, animations and video clips.


Joanna’s Exotic Roses & Gifts

Created Web site for floral and gift shop. Responsible for design and coding, as well as contributing to copywriting and editing (HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript). (


Gibson Capital Management/Center for Fiduciary Studies (Aquent)

Updated content and color scheme of slides created on previous assignments (1999). Created layout of training materials (PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, Word).


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) (Aquent)

Put together large (75–slide) presentation intended for transfer to video for presentation to executive managers. This involved setting up animations, plus creating charts and retouching photos for inclusion. Also designed and created photo montages for poster, flyer and manual cover. Layout of manuals, brochures and ads. (PageMaker, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Freehand, InDesign).


Caricatures by M. C. Sturman

Redesign and update of Web site for freelance caricature artist (Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML) (

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Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) (CompuNet Consulting)

Technical writing. Converted telecommunications notes into documentation. Designed layout and prepared graphics (Word, Visio Professional, Photoshop, PowerPoint).

Gibson Capital Management (Aquent)

Designed large presentation for fund management company converting from overheads to an on–screen PowerPoint presentation. Worked with them to select a color scheme, design a look and adapt to working in an electronic medium. Set up slide library including printed and on–screen versions.

Adelphia Business Solutions (Aquent)

Form design (Word).

Reese Brothers (Aquent)

Proposal editing and layout (Word). Banner layout (Illustrator).

Shandon (Aquent)

Worked as part of a team converting print catalogs to HTML for inclusion on the Web site of this medical equipment company (

Source W (Aquent)

Web and print layout projects. One of these involved setting up a booklet template in PageMaker. Others involved Web page layout, including HTML coding, graphics and PDF creation. Worked as part of a group assisting in the conversion of HTML pages to active server pages. Worked on Web sites of clients such as Federated Investors, Pitt Ohio and Fairmont Supply.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (Aquent)

Presentation layout and brochure design (PageMaker, PowerPoint).

UPMC Shadyside (MacTemps)

Charts and presentations (Illustrator, PowerPoint).

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Language Management International (formerly The Corporate Word) (MacTemps)

Converted English–language manuals, brochures and graphics to various languages (QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, CorelDraw, FrameMaker).

Cohen & Grigsby (MacTemps)

Proposal layout (QuarkXPress, Word).

Blattner Brunner (MacTemps)

Charts and proposal layout (Illustrator, QuarkXPress).

RedZone Robotics (MacTemps)

Proposal layout. Created and scanned graphics, set up styles and redesigned forms for employee use (Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, QuarkXPress, Excel, PowerPoint).

Caricatures by M. C. Sturman

Designed and coded Web site for freelance caricature artist using Photoshop, Flash, HTML and Javascript (

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The Corporate Word (MacTemps)

Converted English–language manuals, brochures and graphics to various languages (QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, CorelDraw, FrameMaker).


Equitable Resources (Pancoast)

Designed and updated flyers, brochures, forms, business cards and other materials (PageMaker, PowerPoint, Word).

Agnew Moyer Smith (Pancoast)

Edited and proofread hierarchy spreadsheet for database publication (Excel).

WESCO (Pancoast)

Proposal layout (PowerPoint, Word).

R. J. Gallagher & Associates (Pancoast)

Wrote profiles and created layout for basketball tournament (PageMaker).

Mercy Health Center (Allegheny Personnel)

Created charts for presentations to health care professionals, plus miscellaneous projects (Visio Technical, Excel, WordPerfect).

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NVR Ryan (A. C. Coy)

Technical writing. Wrote user manual for in–house UNIX–based software designed to track sales, invoicing, customer and vendor information. Designed layout in Word and performed screen captures using Procomm Plus 2.1. Tested developer notes against current system. Worked directly with developers to ensure accuracy of instructions. Created style guide for user manual.

Source W (MacTemps)

Converted large presentation for a major corporate client from Macintosh to PC format. Replaced images created in Photoshop with images created directly in PowerPoint. Miscellaneous projects using PowerPoint and PageMaker.

Agnew Moyer Smith (Pancoast)

Hierarchy spreadsheet for database publication (Excel).

Rodgers Agency (Pancoast)

Designed forms for use with agency’s on–line system using Word and PowerPoint. Instructed staff in functions such as styles and tables. Wrote instructions for these, as well as for the creation of the agency logo.

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General Nutrition (Pancoast)

Set up spreadsheet to be used for Law Department’s patent–tracking database and to create charts. Instructed employee in Lotus 1–2–3 options such as sorting and database functions.