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Calico Mountain Railway

Welcome to the Calico Mtn. Ry. homepage. This page is currently under construction. The original section of the layout was built in 1990 and consists of a lower kidney shaped loop, an upper folded figure 8 loop, and ramped track connecting the two loops.The track is all sectional LGB "floating" on crushed granite chicken grit. Each loop has power connected at only point, and there are no jumper wires soldered between track sections; however, I used a di-electric grease on all rail joiners during construction. In the eleven years that the track has been outside, I've had virtually no electrical problems. The turn-outs are all LGB manual type and because my yard is very small, the original loops have many 2ft radius curves. In 1995, an outer loop around the perimeter of the yard was added. Because this track had to cross a concrete patio, a ground level deck was built over the patio to allow the track to pass underneath in a 17 ft. tunnel.

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