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This Web site was developed to provide particular help in several areas of Web page production. Both "newbies" and "old hands" may find additional insight into their own Web page origination.

KISS HTML is a progressive tutorial, with each step a practical increase in the knowledge of Web page development. This tutorial is different from the dozens of other HTML guides in that it is not an HTML tag reference, nor does it tutor in only one section of a web page. Rather, each step is an incremental building block of a total web page.

Many times, particularly with languages other than English, special characters are needed for a web page. This portion of the Web site provides the code for displaying most of the ASCII characters not found on the normal keyboard. In Web site development, the following signs might prove helpful:
@ © ® ™ or foreign languages where you need and umlaut ÿ or a tilde ñ .

There are also several dozen symbolic entities which will display special characters on a Web page, and you can find those at the "symbolic" section on this Web site. A symbolic entity can be
&lt; which will allow you to display, for example, " < " on your Web page. Symbolic entities, such as &lt; closed with &gt; will allow you to display actual HTML code, such as <TABLE> , on your Web page without turning it into an actual HTML tag. This page is also accessible through the "Character" button.

If you own a Web ring (are a Ringmaster), these Webring help pages contain a wealth of information compiled from the Ringmasters-l Help Mailing List. Answers are provided for many of the most commonly asked questions by new Ringmasters, as well as in-depth help for seasoned owners about a multitude of Web ring situations.

There are a couple of Paint Shop Pro tutorials on this Web site, as well as a "Border Set" which you can download for use on your own Web page.

The links provide sources for more detail in certain areas, as well as additional resources if an answer you need is not to be found on this website.
Since not everything has to be serious, there is also a link to the Over The Hill webring as well as a link page to a couple of hundred joke Web sites from all over the Internet.

Freebies is a section of this Web site with many links to "Free" stuff on the web, such as graphics, Javascripts and other helpful things for your Web site.

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