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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

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AOL Problems

AOL email software does have some problems with HTML code. If you were to take HTML code and paste it into an AOL email, it would look fine to you. However, when you email that code to someone else, anyone else, your AOL software is going to convert it into a hyperlink.
The problem is that if you email it to another AOL member, they will see hyperlinks and no HMTL code.
The best way to get around this Dori, is to put the HTML code into notepad (not AOL's notepad, but the basic windows notepad), save it as either a .txt file or .htm file and send it in email as a file attachment.

The "AOL Problem" is that it uses a text format known as Rich Text. Rich Text effectively removes the tag lines so that you would see text the way a web browser does.
The simple solution is to have the members save the e-mail as a text file, and then open that text file in NotePad and they should then be clear of the AOL problem.
-- Boniface

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A member of one of my rings is displaying only one of my two images; the other is a broken icon. Does anyone recognize this problem and know the solution?

The issue is that when AOL members use the AOL broswer, it compresses the images on the fly. If they copy the image through the AOL browser even though they save it as GIF, it is compressed so that any other browser shows it as a broken link.
Easiest solution is for AOL users to use Netscape or IE. For one who doesn't have those browsers, you can email them the GIF.
-- Vince Matal

I have a problem with my newly downloaded Netscape 4.0 for AOL. I was wondering if there is any way to view certain types of GIF and JPG files through Netscape. I can view the files fine through IE so why can I view them on NN?

If you copied the graphics through AOL's browser, they get compressed and cannot be viewed through netscape. Images copied through Netscape can be viewed with MSIE and AOLIE.
-- Vince Matal

I believe that the problem doesn't lie in the fact that you can't view the pictures with netscape but the fact that you are probably using ie as your default browser and so any gif or jpegs you click on will be viewed using MSIE, but there are two ways around this:
1-Just make Netscape your default browser!
2-Drag and drop your picture files to the Netscape icon and it will view through Netscape.

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Hi, I am having a problem with a member of my ring/queue, he is from AOL and the HTML code he copied and pasted from my web page is not displaying correctly.

I have seen that many ringmasters have had problems with AOL and Personal Publisher.
I have about 82 AOL members in my ring and I have come up with a few steps to help the AOL community deal with PP. Just follow the following steps and the problem will be solved (it works!).
1. Send the AOL member a modified HTML fragment ( with site number and e-mail ) as a attached file. However, you need to give the file an extension of ".gif". This way the AOL mail program will NOT translate the <a href="...."> and <img src="..."> tags.
Then inform them that they need to rename the file with a .txt extension.
2. In the body of the e-mail include the following instructions:
a. Download the file into the AOL download directory.
b. Rename file with .txt extension, then Open the file in Notepad
c. Click on File
d. Click on select all
e. Click on Copy
f. Close NotePad and Return to Personal Publisher
g. Click on Edit
h. Click on Edit Page
i. Click on box to add HTML
j. Click on File at the top of AOL menu
k. Click on Paste
l. Situate file where you want it on page
m. Click on View
n. Select publish
-- Harold Conover

How can I send the Webring "frag" to a person on AOL?

The fastest and easiest way to get around this problem is this, goto your rings management page.
Then goto Customize Ring Pages and into the htmlfragment section. In here you place a copy of your rings code with --mail-- in the place of the members email, --name-- in the place of the members name, and --id-- in the place of the member site id. Click the button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.
Then go back the Customize Ring Pages menu and click on the add section. In here you add --htmlfragment2-- any where you want and it will give each new member a copy of the code to copy and paste into their page.
You can also include a link to my site's Personal Publisher 2 help page for inserting ring code fragments at
for those who that service to be able to correctly insert the code.
You can also find a Java code machine on my ring's site at
that will put the needed info into a ring fragment for them to capy and paste from.
Another route is to, as another already stated, to add the link in your Customized generated to the page that gives the member a copy of the code pre-written for them at
This is a great time saver provided by
-- Bob Marion

If you ever need to know the trick to AOL Personal Publisher3 to keep it from chewing up Webring code, do the editing in "Preview". Go into Preview and do the edits there.
-- Robin (soloparent)

Another solution: As for the advice against mounting the code on a Web page, I believe that depends primarily on the size of the individual Ring.
Ours is a small, invitation-only Ring and we decided to post a separate, customized text file for each Ring member in an unadvertised directory on our server.
It takes only a moment to insert the Ring ID for a new member and upload the file.
Just a different perspective. Bottom line is that for our size-controlled Ring, we found the customized text files on the server was the best way to go.
No e-mail anomalies, and new members just do a copy-and-paste or a "Save File As," and away they go.
-- Ed Williams

Why does my AOL broswer has a problem reading that little ~ ?

What you could do instead of the ~ (btw, it's called a tilde) is to put %7E
so instead of
a person could put
-- Eric Abrams

For a comprehensive listing of AOL Help Topics,
visit Bob Marion's AOL Help Site

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