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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

Web Ring Help

Would someone please tell me how to have the "http://" already showing in the form when someone is applying for membership in the ring? Thanks.

<input type="text" value="http://" . . . >
-- Michael Burford

I want to customize my forms. Can anyone help do this?

There is a better way! Ask your web space provider if they have a form-to-mail program installed you can point your forms to, such as cgimail or formmail.
If you have the ability to run your own cgi scripts, you can install your own program, as I have, but I doubt you will be able to do this with any of the free providers. They may have the program already installed though.
With these programs you can set up a template that will determine what the E-Mail message you receive looks like when someone fills out a form on your site.
-- Greg Volland

My mailto forms don't add any extra characters, it is straight text as inputed by the viewer. I'm on Geocities and used the opening form line that they suggested:
<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="/cgi-bin/homestead/">
sierra-a-rama is my member name on Geocities and would probably be replaced by your email address. You could probably delete the homestead part.
At the bottom of the form under the submit buttons, I put:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="subject" VALUE="Hint Question">
which is the subject line of the email I receive.
Hope this helps,
-- FRAN :)

There *is* a way to get the text of the form in a more legible way.
The code looks like this:
<form method=post action=""
<!-- Body of the form goes here -->
A better way is to use an outside server to supply a cgi script. Take a look at
for a list of sites offering this sort of service, for free or a few dollars.

Is there a way of creating a form using only HTML?

Yes. Click to see a SAMPLE.
-- Viper

Is there any way to choose what page the people go to after they submit the form? Right now, my visitors just go to a blank screen recapping what they said.

Yup, you need to add this line to the bottom of the form, after the submit/reset buttons.
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="next-url" VALUE="">
That brings up the page thnxhint.html which obviously thanks them for filling out the form.
-- FRAN :)

If you link directly to the's addform and edit site, you don't need a form, just a plain link. here's what i have for add a site:
<A HREF=";addform" target="_top">
and for edit a site:
<A HREF=";edit" target="_top">
-- FRAN:)

I usually just make up my own forms--it's not as hard as it sounds.
Start with
<form METHOD=post>
and with < That gets the results of the form sent to your e-mail box. Sometimes there are junk characters between the words, and a few characters get messed up, but I've always been able to decipher mine. Between those two, the following tags work:
One line input boxes:
<input name="whatever" TYPE=text SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="30">
<textarea name="whatever" rows="5" cols="60" wrap=physical></textarea>
<input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit form">
<input TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear form">
Change subject:
<input TYPE=hidden NAME=subject VALUE="Whatever">
Next-URL tag (this doesn't always work):
<input type=hidden name=next-url value="URL.html">
Check Boxes:
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="1">1
<input TYPE="checkbox" NAME="2">2
Radio Buttons:
<input TYPE="radio" NAME="whatever" VALUE="1">1
<input TYPE="radio" NAME="whatever" VALUE="2">2
<input TYPE="radio" NAME="whatever" VALUE="3">3
List Boxes:
<Option Selected VALUE="1">1
<Option VALUE="2">2
<Option VALUE="3">3
Pull-down Lists:
<SELECT NAME="whatever">
<Option Selected VALUE="1">1
<Option VALUE="2">2
<Option VALUE="3">3
I hope this helps.
-- Avirla Klaus.

How do you email a form from your website?

As before I have said about providing a free and easy website search engine service, they also provide a free and easy form e-mailing service which can be used on any server.
-- The 1st Vamp

I have a question!!! How can I make a form that when you submit it is sends me the info via email.

You'll have to add the "mailto" option to your form-tag, as well as "encrtype" (so you can read it also). Your form-tag than will look something like:
<FORM NAME="formname" method="POST" action=" Addition" ENCTYPE="text/plain">
The answers you'll receive in your mailbox will look - depending on the names you gave your questions - something like:
name = my name
site name = my site
url =
keywords = my keywords etc.
Beware however that this method is not 100% reliable. MSIE-users will sometimes not get their message through!
Perhaps it is better to check with your provider if the have cgi-scripts for forms. This gives about the same output, but is much more reliable.
-- Barbara

Pull-down Menu
Can I make a pull-down menu using forms?

Try THIS link out.

Hey, Does anyone know where I can get a page with forms for free??

You should be able to put forms on any webpage. The difficulty is the form processor. If you are talking about the signup form for your webring page, you should be able to use the forms found in the's FAQ on any free webpage without problem, since the processing is done by
If you are talking about using a form to gather information for a database, you'd need to be able to run server side scripts, which most free web providers are probably not keen on providing.
-- Eric Stokien

For a Javascript solution try WebForms by Q&D Software Development. You can download it for free
It is designed to create forms for online surveys but also works well for simple feedback forms.
It creates Javascript if your provider does not provide(!) a cgi based formmailer AND it even creates a perl script in case you have access to an own cgi-bin directory.
Incoming response emails can easily be imported into any spreadsheet/database application for processing. BUT if you are just looking for a feedback form, try to find a free homepage site like geocities. They have a simple formmailer installed that fits for this purpose.
-- kai Schleyerbach

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