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My provider won't let me put scripts like the,, etc in their cgi-bin directory. I want these scripts to execute to make my homepage a bit nice and complete!

Unless your provider allows you to execute your own scripts, you may be out of luck. Who is your provider? You might also want to checkout, or for scripts you can run from your home page on their machines.
-- Pel

JAVASCRIPT WINDOW Ok - I know how to do this WITH javascript, but not without. This is javascript - that's the only way I know how at this point. AMAZING GRACE Anitra Freeman wrote: > Does anyone know how to open a second window of a specific size using > HTML, not JavaScript? > > I actually like the Tripod popup, when it's under viewer control -- it is > a handy navigational aid. I've added the option to open it in its own > window if it's wanted, but it opens up in a full-sized window -- and it's > just a 300x300 box. > > Has anyone ever played with the idea of putting your webring code in a > popup window, or on a clickable link that causes a baby-window to pop up? > The code I supplied opens a window when you load the page. The following code opens a window when you click on a link. The first part ( ------------------- Then, wherever you want the link, add this: ........ ------- It's as simple as that :-) AMAZING GRACE

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