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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

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POP-UPs (Pro & Con)
How can I get rid of those darned Pop-ups?

WeIl, I have conquered the ones on one tripod site, the one with the "promoting" page. If you visit
at any time from now on, you will see a brief flash, only.
If anybody wants the code, I have it up at
under "if you really hate popups..."
-- Anitra Freeman

If you have downloaded a page from geocities to edit it, and then re-uploaded it when you were done, it will have the code for the popup ad twice and the geoguide will only automatically remove it once.
So at the bottom of your html there should be something that says like 'script anguage=java' and eventually 'end script' or something like that and you need to take out all that crap. I did the exact same thing.
-- Debbie Hall

This is the culprit. If you have the Geoguide on your Geocities page and are still getting a popup, check the bottom of your page for this code and remove it.
<!-- <SERVICE NAME="pop"> -->
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">

var cuid= "10201"; var keywords= "none";
// -->

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"
var urlOfNewPop=
"+keywords; oldPop=, '_popIt', 'width=515,
height=125'); if
(oldPop.location.href != urlOfNewPop) { if ((navigator.appName ==
"Netscape") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) == 3)) {
setTimeout("oldPop.close()", 750); setTimeout(",
'_popIt', 'width=515,height=125')", 1700); } else { oldPop.close();
setTimeout(", '_popIt', 'width=515,height=125')",
1000); } }
// -->

<!-- </SERVICE> -->
-- Anitra Freeman

If I remember from my geo days, I think you have to place the geoguide at the top of your page to stop the pop up ads.
-- Bruce Jodoin

If you are using frames, you must make absolutely sure that each and every frame there has an activated geoguide in it, otherwise you will keep getting the popup box. I also place one in my "frames.html" page itself.

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