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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

Web Ring Help


I have a Ring member on Web-TV and even when I rewrite her html and post it on my site so she could copy and paste her fragment, it is unusably messed up!

Tell her to try Star Boulevard Transloader service. It's at
-- Virginia Blalock

Are there any sites that tell how to develop Web pages for WebTV?

Try these:
This is WebTV's "official" developer site. It has a program you can download for free that allows you to see how pages will look to WebTV users and alot of other info.
There are a lot of resources here for people who want to learn about WebTV or want to develop WebTV friendly sites.
Add'l Web Help Pages by Anitra Freeman
-- Anitra Freeman

Web-TV no longer has to link to other's graphic images

As a WebTV user, I am very familiar with the "linking to graphics" problem.
This issue of "remote linking" to files has been a heated one. There is a major issue with what is called "Bandwidth Theft".
It has caused many problems for PC users' ISP's, often causing complete shut down of some sites.
In the beginning, when WebTV was relatively new, we had no way to upload files to our site directories. (We still don't, but there is a fabulous new Web-based tool that helps us with that: located at
When the word got out that WebTVers were notorious for stealing bandwidth, our reputation sank.
It became my personal mission to educate WebTVers whenever, and however I could about this problem. I now teach New WebTV users how to use the Transloader. I also wrote a page about the problem:
Anyway... if you, as a RingMaster, are allowing your ringmembers to link to your graphics... ~~~ AND they do not "reside" on the same server you are using ~~~, then you are causing problems for your server! And you might face shut-down if it gets to be a serious load problem!
I'm not here to tell you what to do. As I mentioned, it is my mission only to educate folks. As PC users, I thought most of you would already know about this... but I'm okay with telling you about it, too. If you choose to do nothing about it, that's up to you. I just wanted to let you know what I've learned as a WebTV Internet Surfer.
-- Brigit ne Ravenhollow

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