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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

Web Ring Help

Misc. Software which Ringmasters have found to be helpful.

Does anyone know a URL where I can get a zip/unzip utility?

Yup. I have zipped files available on my page for people to receive via e-mail. And I found so many people who didn't have WinZip (or PKZip and PKUnzip, the DOS versions I still use), and who didn't even know what a Zip archive was, that I put up a link to PKWare's download page.
The URL is:
That should get you going. Let me know if you have any trouble zipping or unzipping and I'll lend a hand. I've been using this software for over 10 years.
Just to keep the record straight, PKWare's pkzip 6.2 32-bit DOES support long file names. I personally use Winzip, but I use pkzip in the background because this gives me the ability to span a large zip file across several floppy disks. Not something I use a lot, but when you have a 10 meg file you need to move it sure comes in handy.
Winzip does not support that function without having pkzip on your system since it just shells to pkzip for this feature.
-- Steven Kraus a.k.a. NeuroCrash

PKWare would be fine, but if unzip 2.0 for MAC is needed
would probably be a better bet.
-- danl

Try this:
-- Robin

here ya go
Winzip is a windows unzip program I use it all the time and it is very easy to use.
-- Trekkie

I like WinZip best of the ones I've tried (under Win95) cause I like to maintain directory structures, I need long filenames, and (no little matter if you're trying to convert anything from Unix) it unpacks tars and gzipped tars.
-- Pel

I never surf without two tiny gems from idling in my tray.
(They automatically load at startup)
(1) - "Capture"
Lets me capture any portions of anything on my screen to a file for manipulation.
Makes great backgrounds and images limited only by your imagination.
(2) - "Loupe"
Magnifies the area around your cursor so you can control the above selection pixel by pixel.

I have Cheyenne Anti-Virus and Thunderbyte Anti-Virus.
Cheyenne checks your system on boot up for any virii that may have infected your computer and Thunderbyte checks your memory on boot up for virii infection.
It also has heuristic detection capabilities which detects any abnormal change to any file on your system.
This is about the best you can have because unlike other anti virus packages it detects new virii that some programs don't have knowledge of in their respective databases which usually contain about 8000 known virii.
With 4-500 new virii progams coming out every month this is about the best you can have and the cheapest. You don't have to worry about upgrading it every month.
-- JamesShriver

This is the address for the virus scan inquired about a week ago.

Norton's Anti-Virus has to be one of the best. Cost about $40.00. You can download it from Tucows
-- Morgan Smith

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