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"Help Answers" compiled from Ringmasters-l mail list

Web Ring Help

Questions about Ringmasters-L Mail List

Ringmasters-L is a mail list designed to provide answers to Ringmasters who have problems with developing their Webrings.
Ringmasters-L is NOT a newsgroup; Newsgroups are found only on Usenet.
To use the list properly, you post an e-mail to the list, asking for a question or opinion. The list members read your post and send answers based on the question you asked. If you do not ask your question, then you may not get an answer, so ASK!
There are two versions of Ringmasters-L:

1.The regular version posts inquiries via e-mail to your e-mail address.
2.The digest version collects a quantity of e-mails, compiles them into a file, and sends them to your e-mail address on a periodic basis.
If you are receiving either of the above, then you signed up with to put your name on the "subscriber's list". No one presently on the list can get you off the list. You have to remove yourself (see how to "unsubscribe" below).
Addtional help may be found on the "Menu" page of these help pages in the form of two webrings linking other help sites. The "Member Resources" ring is run by Angelea Kelly and the "Just the FAQS" ring is run by Jon Sternoff.

Signing off + email address

It is NOT necessary to "sign off" the ringmasters-l list. If you are saying "I'm thru for the day" or "goodnight all", please don't.
If you are saying "GET ME OFF THIS LIST", then go to
How to UnSubscribe and follow the directions.
-- Morgan Smith

Help! How do I unsubscribe from this list????

Go to your mail program. Click on "New Message".
In the address line, type -
leave the subject blank
Where you enter text (body) into your e-mail type -
unsubscribe ringmasters-l
click on your send button.
Note: Where it says, put your OWN e-mail address.
If you subscribed to the list with the e-mail address of "" and try to unsubscribe with a different e-mail address, IT WILL NOT WORK!
Also note that after ringmasters is an "L", not a "1".
This same information can be found in management pages (where you learned how to subscribe) and also in the e-mail sent to you by confirming your subscription.
-- Morgan Smith Ringmasters-L list rules
-- Angelea Kelly ( Service Rep)

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