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Quiz 12 Question

Question: E-mail me what you would want to happen if you met Ike, Tay, and Zac.

I have already met them and I have heaps of pics.

I'd probrably shake their hand. & then maybe say hi.  That's about it.


Well to began with I would naturally say Hello! Then I would ask them how their lives where going and pretty much treat them like ordinary every day people.

Just Die!!

If I met Taylor Hanson, I would want him to notice that I'm different from all his fans in the way I like him, and treat him.

I would want to go on a date with either Tay or Zac. The reason for they're gorgeous and awesome. Plus I would also get some advice about music. I look up to the  a lot. Just thinking they're my age and this famous, its awesome!

Well first off I would, probably, ask them their names (for fun). Next, ask if they wanted to play a little game. Then see what happens from there. ;) <cha-ching and jackpot>

I would want Taylor and I to meet out of fate. Not some arranged meeting but from a miracle. If we met that way and became very close I know that we were really ment for each other. On the other hand if we met out of planning or something I know our relationship would be false and not right. Dont ask me how I know this I just simply feel it in my heart!

I'd just want to get the chance to tell them what a change they've made in my life and how much I look up to them for their insight, guidance, knowledge and life. They are very talented, and I know they've been told so before (about a million times), but, I would still like the chance to tell them myself how much they mean to me.

I think that I would just go into complete shock. But still have a big smile on my face and blushing a lot!

I would be hyper and scream I love you Hanson.

I would like to become pretty good friends with all of them and then maybe they would let me design some outfits for their concerts! That would be so awesome.

To Become Really Good Friends. That would be cool.

Cry...alot, bvecause it's been almost 5 years and i am finnally seeing them! Dream come

I would just tell them how much I love thier music! And how much it means to me! As long
as I let them know that I'd walk away a happy gal! =)

I would try my best not to scream or giggle. (which I have a tendency to do)

I would die

I met them once actually, and managed not to make a fool of myself. That's what I'd want to happen. . not make a fool of myself :D

4 me and zac to become very good friends and we would see each other all the time

normal stuff. talk, laugh and have fun. over all just have a nice time.

I'd want to get to know them and be their friend

I would want us to just hang like anyone out ages would. We could maybe throw a party, and chill out till like whenever. just make it something fun.

If I met them, I would want to talk for a while-er-long time. Not just with them, but their family, too-get to know them all. And, of course, I gotta have the hugs!!! Group HUG!!!! LOL! Oh, and they would have to like me, that would help (or at least that would be nice!)!

If I met Zac, Tay, and Ike I would try to be very calm! I would like Zac to ask me out because I'm old enough! I would like them to ask me to join them traveling around and give backstage passes to every one of there concerts!

I would just treat them as a person, not someone who is famous.

if I met Ike...which I did in a dream...I would take a picture with him. If I met Zac, I would tell him how much I admire his talent. If I met taylor, I would jump on him, knock him down and shower him with sweet loving!!

I would want to hang out with them and make out with Tay 'til my lips fall off

Well, I sure as hell won't scream and shriek and cry, I'll tell you that right now. I'd be very very happy to see them and meet them, but I'm 15 and I wouldn't make an ass out of myself by acting like they're God. They're people, just like us. Being in a good band and being famous doesn't make them any different from us and lots of younger girls don't get that.  So if I met them, I'd tell them that I
love their music and that they have a great talent and a great band.

actually did meet Hanson in the hotel we both stayed at! I just walked up to them said, "hey, how's it goin'?" and they shook my hand. Nothing special but it REALLY is for me :)

I would sing to them, and I kiss them! :) and I say to them that I like Hanson till death!

I think I would try to hug them. Cuz they inspire me so much and look at them.

I would totally stay calm and I would be good friends with them

I would be normal shake hands be nice and and then when I walk away I'd either faint or scream LOL

I would like to hang out with them

I actually just met the three awesome guys the other day at a concert, and they were sooo
nice and down to earth. It was so cool how they just talked to me like I was one of their friends. They
really do care for their fans, and I really appreciated how they treated me!

I would love to sing and jam with them.

I would want them to come bowling with me, or something else like roller-bladeing.

My answer is...I would probably hug them, and tell them how they inspired me. :)

I will be very happyˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ

I would want a big party 4 me and 4 them 4 the success of them and me meeting them

If I met Hanson I would want to hang out with them...personally I would get to know Zac uhh a little better.  I dunno Iwould just wanna like go to the movies and mall and stuff...

Wow, if I met Hanson. That would be amazing! I would probably try to act as calmly as possible (even though I'd probably go to shake their hands and I'd start crying, lol) and then I'd probably tell them that their music is wonderful and blah, blah, blah, all that stuff they've already heard like thousands of times. Anyway, then afterwards I'd probably start crying.

Hi, umm if I met Hanson I would want to be a back up singer or something hehe

If I meet Hanson I would be happy I would ask them questions and stuff

I would probably tell them that I loved their music and that I think that they' re very talented I would also tell them that they are the coolest group that I have ever heard!

I would want to go out with them all day and go to arcades and then at night have a romantic dinner!!

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