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Quiz 16 Question

Question:E-mail me what you think Ike, Tay, and/or Zac want for Christmas this year.

Zac-a playstation2,Tay-wants me, and Ike wants a puppy!!

Something that you made for them. =^_^=

I think that tay would want some really nice clothes that he would look amazing in, zac would want a new video game or something, and ike would want a new car or something extravigant like that. but over all i think that they all just want to keep making their fans happy.

Zac will want another dirt bike(one he doesn't have if any)and they will all probably really enjoy a break. if not put me in a box and send me to tulsa! -lol-:) (for zac)

They want to be in their own bed surrounded with familar faces and lots of love.

Ike and Tay probably want SUV's and I bet Zac wants a new 4 wheeler!

I know it was a joke but i was listening to ZAC waves and he said (um uh COW )

To be number 1 on the charts.

New instruments! Too bad i cant buy it for them! oh... and zac would want ME! lol.

I think Zac wants a 4-wheeler for Christmas. I think I read in a magazine earlier this year that he wanted one. Or was he asking for that for his birthday?...

i have a clue of what  ike , tay, and zac want for christmas- they want sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! : ) hanson rocks

I think personal Zac wants a new sega! The other 2 Hanson's I don't know!

zac prob. wants a day off to sleep!


they would want to stay home for christmas and get some time to themselves.


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