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Cast (in credits order)

Sean Connery .... Robert MacDougal
Catherine Zeta-Jones .... Virginia Baker
Ving Rhames
Will Patton .... Cruz
Maury Chaykin

Directed by

Jon Amiel

Writing credits (in credits order)

Ronald Bass (story) and
Michael Hertzberg (story)
Ronald Bass and
William Broyles Jr.

Produced by

Ronald Bass (executive)
Sean Connery
Michael Hertzberg
Arnon Milchan (executive)
Iain Smith (executive)
Rhonda Tollefson

Production Companies

Fountainbridge Films


20th Century Fox Film Corporation

You've been Entrapped!

Welcome to entrapped! - with Catherine Zeta-Jones!

This is the Unofficial homepage of the upcoming romantic-thriller Entrapment, which will star Sean Connery, and more importantly, Catherine Zeta Jones. If you don't already know, this Welsh beauty is a multi-talented stage and screen-actress, who has recently found international fame with the The Mask of Zorro. And with the upcoming release of Entrapment, she seems set to become a bone-fide movie star!

But what is Entrapment, you might ask. And that is a good question!

Which is where this site comes in! As a big fan of Catherine, and the webmaster of Catherine Zeta-Jones : the Gallery, I have been eagerly following the development of the movie, through the interviews done with Catherine, as well as by shifting through the large number of movie-preview sites on the Net.

And I have placed all that information here! So relax, find out more about Catherine and the movie... and allow yourself to be entrapped!

Latest News :

With Entrapment out now, be ready for a media blitz, featuring Catherine!!

Thanks to 411 on CZJ for the updates!


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details and news : Find out a little about the people in and behind Entrapment, and as well as the latest news!

media : For pictures and downloads of the trailer!

links : Links to other sites with information on Entrapment and the stars.

CZJ : the Gallery : The site that I run, dedicated to this amazing actress! Come on in!

Contact Me : Feel free to contact me with your suggestions. You can also Sign My Guestbook or View My Guestbook from my Catherine site. Remember, be interactive...

This site is in no way affiliated to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Fox Movies, and the producers, cast and crew of the movie. It was meant for personal enjoyment, and derives no monetary profit for myself.
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