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Aussie Words

Australia is a very colourful country, so we needed a vocabulary to suit our surroundings.

I have no idea where and when the words were first spoken, but most Aussies would use at least a couple of them in everyday conversation.

Act - Pretending to be something you're not

Bag - Refers to a lady who is not particularly pleasant.

Barbie (Barbeque) - - Like a cook out. Many people get together for a 'Barbie' in the warmer months, they are usually BYO (Bring your own) meat and drinks.

Barney- A fight or scuffle.

Beaut- Very good. Excellent.

Billy - Used for making tea in, usually over a campfire. The best billies are the old ones, they make better tea.

Black Stump - Out towards the horizon, a long way away.

Block - Block has a few meanings but the more Aussie one is your head.

Bloke - A person - usually a male.

Bludge- Not doing anything or getting things off others.

Blue - A blue can be a fight or the nickname of someone with red hair.

Booze - - Alcohol, usually beer.

Bush- - Bush refers to somewhere in the country or away from the city.

Chook - - Chook is "our word" for a chicken,most pubs and clubs run a "chook raffle"

Chuck - - Chuck has a few meanings, it can mean to throw or to put in.

Conk- - To hit someone.

Cow - - As well as being the animal that gives us milk it also means anything that is difficult.

Crook- - Not feeling well or not going well.

Dag- - A bit of a fool or not very well presented.

Dinkum- - Genuine or honest.

Dob In- - To tell (an authority) on someone.

Dunny- - A toilet.

Fair Go - - Give some a chance or an opportunity to do something.

Galah- - A fool or a silly person.

Gidday-G'day - - A greeting. It is the Aussie way of saying good day.

Grouse - - Means excellent.

Gutzer -- Some plans don't work out or to have an accident.

Hooly-Dooly- - An expression of surprise.

Jakeroo or Jillaroo- - A farm hand, usually on a cattle station (very large farms).

Kick - - To share or join in.

Knackers- - testicles (also `love spuds', 'nuts' or 'nads')

Lollies -- Candy or sweets.

Mate- - This usually means a friend but it can be used to talk about or to anyone - even a total stranger.

Mug - - Either a fool or your face.

Owyergoin- - A greeting. How are you going? Often used with 'Gidday' and 'Mate'.

Pester- - Annoy or bother someone.

Piss - - alcohol, usually beer.

Pub - - Any hotel. A favourite meeting place of many Australians.

Prang - - Is a word used to refer to a car accident,i.e "I had a prang today!" or "I pranged my car"

Quack- - A doctor, especially if they are not very good.

Ratbag - - Someone who does not behave properly.

Raw Prawn- - A lie or a con job.

Sack- - To be fired from a job.

Scrub - - Can be the same as the bush or mean areas in the country where there are not many trees.

Shiela - - Female or woman

Shirty - To get upset or angry.

Shoot Through- - To leave or disappear.

Shout - - Pay for someone else.

Skite- - To boast.

Sport- - A more general way of referring to someone rather than a mate.

Strewth- - An exclamation, often of surprise.

Thongs - - Rubber sandals.

Togs- - A set of clothes. More often used to refer to a swimming costume.

Tucker- - Food. Australian schools call their canteens a 'tuckshop.'

Winge - - Complain and carry on unnecessarily.

Wog - - An illness such as the flu.

Yakker - - Work - usually hard work.

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