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The Only Homepage of Cepheid Variable

The Only Homepage of Cepheid Variable

Have a seat.   Want a drink or something?


Here's the view from my kitchen window:     (open the window)


Here's a pic of   me and my ex.   (My hair was a lot lighter in those days.)


This section of the page is protected by Fred,
the talking Attack Giraffe.   Look Out!


Here's my flag.   Anyone with pets will want one:

  |\ _____________
  | )             (______
  | \   ~~~~~~~~~~|      (
  |  ) Don't  Shed|~~~~~~ \
  |  )            |On  Me! )
  | /   ~~~~~~~~~~|        )
  | )_____________|~~~~~~ /
  |/              (______(


What the critics are saying about this page:   listen in

More Stuff on More Pages:

Visit my  AstroPage   if you enjoy things celestial.
I confess that I'm a closet inventor.   Here's my latest
project for the horse industry, the souped-up muck bucket
called the DungAlong   (2.0 liter vtec engine not included).
My  Lynx Page   is still in its primordial stage; there's only
one link on it, and that leads back here.   (Ha! How useful is that!)
But you can go there anyway.

Talk to me.