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well its been a long time without an update, but i havent had anything worthy of updating...those pics will go up soon. actually i think a whole new version will go up

chad made his b'way debut, the exact date is uncertain. ill find out soon. im going to see him on tuesday, so ill have lots of pics and sounds and such. but for now here's chad's NYC bio

Chad Richardson (Steve and others) Direct from the North, Chad is proud to be joining the Broadway company from the Original Canadian cast (oh yeah) of RENT where he was nominated for a "DORA" award for his portrayal of Mark. An established musician in Canada, Chad has 2 CDs (2 People and The Legends of Brud) and will be working on his thrid while in New York. Screech shots to all back in Newfoundland, his family, friends, and Dav for so far maiking me a better person. And of course-thank you Jonathan.

i personally adore that much more orignal than some you see. as soon as i get the headshot ill scan it in. doesnt exist as far as i can tell so ill have to ask him about it

last update:

its been a long time without an update, but i have to worry about my life and not about chad's. i try not to be obsessive but respectful. if that makes sense

i have a bunch of pics and sounds im in the process of adding. also word has it that chads first has been moved to january 5th (this from the mouth of dean balkwill). as soon as i get the confirmation ill let everyone know. right now im sticking with the 19th since thats what he told me and i have tickets for that day

there was actually an update on chad's page. check it out

the smashing news about chads broadway debut is still up. ~dev
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