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chad had his shows at holy joes and the rivioli, both to full crowds. he even served as a bouncer at holy joes. and in classic chad style he invited fellow renthead Erin Carter on stage to perform one of her own songs

time is flying and its almost '99, and that means chads b'way debut. as many of you know the broadway cast has been going through a lot of changes in the past few months, and lot of cast changes. well its been mixed up again with the departure of dean balkwill to be roger in la to daphne's mimi, and matt murphys departure with him to go to LA. there last show will be Sunday, Jan 3rd. With that there leaves a gap in the Mark/Roger understudys and the role of squeege man. Dean says chad may start as early as jan 5th now. when i get more info i will let you all know

last update:

Chad will be performing on Monday December 14th at Holy Joes on Queen on the corner of bathurst.

also added was a show on December 11th at the Rivioli. During both shows chad will be takign the stage after 10pm...and both are 19+ as far as i know

Chad is taking a well deserved break from performing right now, before joining the Broadway cast in January. He will be replacing Matt Murphy in the roll of squeegee man, understudying both Mark and Roger