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If you have an pictures of you and Chad, or of just Chad, feel free to submit them

Chad and his fans

Chad and his fans in Toronto

Chad and Lindsay~Courtesy Lindsay
Chad,Megs, and her friend~Courtesy Megs
Chad and Megs friend~Courtesy Megs
Chad and Megs~Courtesy Megs
Chad talking to Evette and Renee
Chad and Laura~Courtesy Laura
Chad and Kristy~Courtesy CyberMelli of Crackville
Chad and Devon
Chad and Devon
Chad and Devon
Chad and Devon
Chad talking to fans~Courtesy Trica
Chad and Tricia~Courtesy Tricia
chad and erin
chad with his fans
chad and erin on her birthday

Chad being himself

a pic from the TO star (sorry for the quality)

chad in black and white
Chad is a cutie~Courtesy Michele of Island of Calm

Cary, Chad and Dean at Tamaras Last
At Tamaras last
Just Chad~Courtesy Dani-Lee of
Just Chad~Courtesy Lindsay
Just Chad~Courtesy Lindsay
Chad again~Courtesy Laura
See a pattern?~Courtesy Lisa of Cowgirl's Rent Page
One more~Courtesy Tricia
Chad's 'Im to cool' pose~Courtesy Jade of The Lot Next Door
Chad from Fab Magazine
Dom,Cary and Chad from the opening night party in Ottawa

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