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Mark....Mark....IM MARK!

From late November 1997 to November 1, 1998, Chad Richardson portrayed Mark Cohen in the Canadain Touring company of Rent.

It took 6 months of open calls, audtions, and call backs to assemble the Canadian Cast of Rent. Chad, as well as a few others in the cast, had no prior theatre experiance, in keeping with the tradtion Michael Grief and Jonathan Larson set with the original cast of Rent. They were looking for raw talent and strong voice, and thats certianly what they got from Chad Richardson. With 2 CD's under his belt and a third on the way, Chad defined the character of Mark, making it his own (unlike some who seemed to stick very close the the Anthony Rapp version of the character) and won the praise of may, including a Dora nomination (The Canadain version of the Tonys)

Luther, Krysten, and Chad "On The Streets"
Chad and Luther during the opening
Cary and Chad singing "Rent"
Chad's Dora ad
Chad and Jai in "Santa Fe"
The cast from Flar Magazine (Dec 97)
The cast in Ottawa
The original Canadian Cast
Chad with his camera in the opening
Luther, Jai, and Chad in "You'll See"
The cast in "Finale B"
Newpaper Ad
Personal Ad
Holding the phone

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Renting Fame
Hooray for hip, hip Broadway show

Come back soon for much more information about Chad's involvement with Rent