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Thank you for visiting my Spirit Page!

Page may take a while to download due to graphics, as I Love eye candy :-)

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I became a member of the Lonesome Wolves team in early November 2000

I am not currently in the Fights, but will probably come out of retirement very soon

I am a PROUD member of The Wizards Quest and a PROUD American!

Enjoy your visit and come back soon!

It has been a very exciting and worthwhile adventure for me.

I have met alot of wonderful people and made some really GREAT friends!

The competitions have allowed me to visit some very nice web sites. Actually all the sites I have seen are very nice :-)

The Lonesome Wolves are a very good team and I have some Great team-mates.

We are a team that loves to HOWL and let our Spirit come shining through.

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        We Show Our Spirit!!

I've got Spirit! Yes I do!

I've got Spirit! How 'bout you?

Go Wolves!! Catch the Spirit!!

        Howl It Out!!

WOLVES! WOLVES! What do you say? Lets go all the way!

Cheer out loud! Show them you're proud!

Cheer out strong! In The Wizards Quest you belong!


        Catch The Spirit!!

Look around and you will see that the Spirit surrounds you and me!

So head on over and do your cheer HOWL real loud; your voice I long to hear!


        Yeah! Howls Are Music To My Ears!!

Lonesome Wolves howl Lonesome Wolves play  Lonesome Wolves fight  in The Wizards Quest today!


        Proud To Be A Wolf
  • P: Persue Our Dreams
  • R: Ready To Fight
  • O: On Our Way
  • U: Unique
  • D: Determination

  • T: Tough
  • O: Onward and Upwards

  • B: Believe We Can Win
  • E: Excitement

  • A: Attitude

  • W: Wonderful
  • O: OK
  • L: Love Life
  • F: Fun

  • By: Cathy Williamson

I am VERY Proud of the Awards I have Won; In fact have not gotten them all up as it would require another page or two.

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