Well,guess what?I got my webtv back!Sooo i'm starting spring cleaning!
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Touch And Die

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Pictures: a bunch of pics,the last ones are from the concert i went to
News: updated weekly
Links: bunch of links,mail me with yours!
About Me: Wanna hear more about my sorry ass?
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Message Board: This is my BRAND NEW cherry poppin daddies,punk ska and swing message board!leave one!
Lyrics: Say What?
Daddies Bio!: Finally!
Meet The DaddiesGo On,they won't bite...hard.
Tour DatesCatch em before they go see the Wizard of Oz!
Press ReleaseSome Info About The Making Of Zoot Suit Riot
All The Interviews:More to Come!
Sean Fan Club:Join!!
Sean's Stalkers:Yep,here they are and they are multipliying faster then jack-rabbits!
Daddies Fiction:Mail me with yers!
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