Daddies Press Release

RE: AES 1998
For Immediate Release
Date: August 21, 1998
Contact: Barb Lawrence Fax: 541.343.9245 Cherry Poppin' Daddies Record with ASC's Quick Sound Field

Eugene, OR, 1998 -- The highly acclaimed Cherry Poppin' Daddies just released their hit album "Zoot Suit Riot," which includes the smash hits Zoot Suit Riot and Brown Derby Jump. The album was recorded by engineer Bill Barnett at Gung-Ho Studios in Eugene, Oregon.

Barnett used ASC's Studio Traps in several different applications. The Studio Traps make up ASC's Quick Sound Field (QSF), which was used in a tight semicircle around the RCA Ribbon Mic for trumpet player, Dana Hiteman. With the reflective side of the Studio Traps turned away from Hiteman, the QSF setup tightened the focus and eliminated room reflections. Because Barnett was dealing with a live room, he also placed a QSF behind lead vocalist, Steve Perry and added a piece of carpet to the hardwood floors. The result was a large reduction in room reflections and tighter focus on the talent. The barrier between Perry and the room resulted in a better vocal recording.

"Steve always cuts vocals with the QSF system. It's his separate workspace, where no one can bother him," said Barnett. The QSF essentially creates a cubby hole that feels very comfortable, an area made just for the talent to work in. Barnett keeps a QSF work space set aside just for that reason. "It feels like a corner table in a restaurant with everything already set up and ready for you," said Barnett, "a lot of people find it to be a very comfortable space."

The Studio Traps were also used as gobos in a tight wall between the alto sax and trumpet, and as a baffle for the trumpet. Other various wall and ceiling mounted Tube Traps were useful for general room tuning and diffusion.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC), the manufacturer of Studio Traps, will display a similar Quick Sound Field (QSF) setup in booth 311 at AES. ASC will be playing the Cherry Poppin' Daddies new album, Zoot Suit Riot, and will have a demo of the QSF booth for recording and their ATTACK Wall for mixing and mastering. Stop by to see if you're ready to record with the best - ASC Studio Traps
For more information contact: ASC, PO Box 1189, Eugene, OR, 97440
Tel: 541.343.9727
Fax: 541.343.9245

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