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Chewy's Spot on the Web

Welcome to "Chewy's Spot on the Web". This site is dedicated to one of everybody's all-time favorite BorderCats (if you didn't like him, why are you here?), Dave "Chewy" Ivaska. Dave was a BorderCat for their inaugural season in Port Huron. During season 2, he spent time with the Saginaw Gears (now the Ohio Gears) and the Muskegon Fury. During season III, Chewy was down in Pensacola Florida, soaking up the sun while we in Port Huron were knee deep in snow. While there he spent the season with the Pensacola Ice Pilots. This year Dave has returned to his native Boston. So feel free to look around. There are pictures of Dave from his Falcon days, as well as some of his teammates. I hope to find pictures of Dave in his Cats uniform, but the ones I have from Muskegon, Saginaw, Pensacola and Detroit should work for now. Check back often, this site is just getting going, and I hope everyone enjoys it.


Chewy's Falcon Pictures
Skittles and Harris pictures
Jeff Blum
Group Shots
Bobby McKillop
Jon Finstrom


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