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Carpe Noctum Clan Ventrue

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Kelly Masterson
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Chloe Buchanon

Chloe Buchanon was born in 1752,here in the Americas. Her father, John Buchanon, was a politician up and coming, friends with the likes of many important founders of this country. Chloe's mother Sarah was untypically, a strong political minded woman of that time, and while she did not voice her opinions out to the public she definetly instilled them in her daughter. Chloe grew to be a rebelious woman with a mind for business and politics like her father. Her father was embraced soon after America won it's independance. He could not bear to spend eternity with out his most trusted advisor, his wife Sarah, he in turn embraced her. Chloe, being the rebelious speaker and leader that she is, found that the only way she would be heard in this "man's world" would be to choose a weak, easily manipulated one and lead through him. She married one such man named Christopher Fontaine, who was an advisor to major players in the mortal political world. Thus, she began her career. The clan mates of her father and mother soon took a notice in her fantasic abilities, noticing them to be fresh and strong. Her husband Christopher was soon found murdered mysteriously and Chloe soon found herself embraced by a 7th Generation elder of the clan Ventrue. Chloe was in fact given a choice, one she has not ever regretted, since she was able to set so many more victories as a kindred, than as a woman in the mortal world of that time. Her parents were recently found murdered on their boat on Lake Michigan. Their ashes were found laying on the deck with ropes tied around where their wrists and ankles were. The guilty parties were never found but it has been highly suspected that the Sabbat played a major role in it. Her father had been Senechal and her mother a Primogen, both very active in strikes against the Sabbat. The investigation still continues with the police of the city of Chicago because of the pile of dead bodies (ghouls) found on the cruiser. Chloe was devistated by their loss and has made it a serious goal to wipe the Sabbat off the face of the earth. Through out the times she has not only comformed her look to fit current styles, but she has been a shadowed player in many events such as women's right to vote, women in the military, etc. She has held close friendships with some of the most famous history making women of all time, including Martha Washington, Susan B. Anthony, and more recently, Ellinore Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, and is currently in the process of pushing the First Lady Hillary Clinton into the seat in New York so that she may use that connection and friendship to make the east coast more easily taken back by the Camarilla. She held the positon of Noctum Ventrue Clan Primogen longer than any other in Noctum City history, until she stepped down to go into voluntary torpor after Devon vanished. She also owns a gallery in Noctum, catering to her love of the arts, that is run by her blood bound adopted childe and assistant Kelly Masterson, embraced and abandoned by her true sire, into the clan Toreador. Chloe remains in torpor to this night in very safe surroundings. It is doubtful she will ever return to her beloved city of Noctum.