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Ventrue Clan Disiplines

The most common disiplines used by the Ventrue are Dominate, Fortitude, and Presence. This is not to say that any others can not be had! The most commonly used others are Auspex and Celerity. I will break these down for you as told in the words of the White Wolf books themselves.


This disipline involves influencing the very thoughts and actions of others through the vampire's own force of will. Use of Dominate requires that the Kindred capture his victim's eye; as such, it may be used against only one subject at a time. The extent of this control depends on the particular power being applied. While truly potent, Dominate powers can be exacting to perform. Commands must be issued verbally; after all, direct mind to mind contact is the purview of Auspex. Still, some pimple orders may be made with signs- for example, a pointed finger and a foreful expression to indicate "Go!" If the subject doesn't understand the vampire (she doesn't speak the same language, the order doesn't make sense, she cannot hear his words), she won't comply with the directive, no matter how mighty the Kindred's supernatural will. Not surprisingly, Kindred who use Dominate were often willful, controlling individuals in mortal life. Indeed, it's quiet possible that this is what drew the vampire's sire to them in the first place.

*Command **Mesmerize ***The Forgetful Mind ****Conditioning *****Possession ******Chain the Psyche ******Loyalty ******Obedience (Only Truely Skilled Elders Have the following) *******Mass Manipulation *******Still the Mortal Flesh ********Far Mastery *********Speak through the Blood


All vampires possess a preternatural constitution that makes most normal damage inconsequential. Fortitude bestows a resilience and vigor far beyond even normal vampiris toughness. Kindred with this power ignore the mightiest punches and barely feel hails of bullets. This disipline also helps to protect against sources of damage even vampires fear, such as sunlight, fire, and terminal falls. Ventrue delight in the power's psychological effects. It's not unusual for a Ventrue to take a "fatal" blow, giving his opponent just enough time to register the vampire's smile before the Ventrue finishe's off the shocked victim...

******Personal Armor *******Shared Strength ********Adamantine (a more potent version of personal armor)


This is the Disipline of supernatural attraction.Kindred who develop Presence can inspire zealous fervor, devoted passion or unspeakable terror in mortal and immortal alike. This subtle power is one of the most useful Disiplines a vampire can have. Presence is notable since, inlike virtually all other Disiplines, some of its powers can be used on entire crowds at a time. The vampire may bring large groups under her sway, so long as her face is visable to those she wishes to affect- Presence doesn't even require eye contact. Further, this Disipline transcends race, religion, gender, class, and most impotantly supernatural nature. In theory, the powers have the same chance of affecting a Methuselah as thye do a cab driver. In practice, while Presence can sway virtually any immortal, older and more canny Kindred are more likely to notice the influence and resist with preternatural will. Quite aside from its deliberate uses, Presence conveys upon the vampire and indescribable mystique. she stands out in any crowd, drawing the interest (and often desire) of those around her even when she is merely standing still. The higher the vampire's Presence, the greater this alure adn the more powerful impact on others. The major drawback of Presence is that it controls only the emotions.It causes others to feel a certain way toward the vampire, but does not give her outright control over them.While people weight strongly the ordres the vampire declares, their minds are still their own. Suicidal or ridiculas directives don't sound any more sensible just because the person giving them is unusually facinating.Still, inspired elegance or significant wealth used in combination with this Disipline can enable the vampire to urge others along a desired course. The Ventrue are arguably the most skilled with it's aplication, however, due to their ability to use Presence and Dominate in efficient combination...

*Awe **Dread Gaze ***Entrancement ****Summon *****Majesty ******Love ******Paralyzing Glance ******Spark of Rage *******Cooperation ********Ironclad Command *********Pulse of the City (also can be used by a character in torpor)

Auspex and Celerity

This Disipline bestows uncanny sensory abilites upon the vampire. While Auspex initially heightens all of the Kindred's senses significantly, that is merely the begining. As she grows in power, the vampire can percieve the psychic auras that flow around her and even project her mind into another being's thoughts. Furthermore, Auspex can pierce the disguises that Obfuscate creates. Such sensory command gives the vampire a distinct advantage over the mortals and even many supernaturals. Whether these talents let her view a distant haven, sence the Prince's mood or pluck secrets from a rival Kindred's ghoul, Auspex is a powerful tool. Still, the vampire must be careful lest this heightened sensitivity cauyse her to be distracted by beautiful things, startled by loud noises, or overwhelmed by foul smells.

*Heightened Senses **Aura Perception ***The Spirit's Touch ****Telepathy *****Psychic Projection ******Clairvoyance ******Prediction ******Telepathic Communication *******Karmic Sight *******Mirror Reflex ********Psychic Assult *********False Slumber


The Embrace gifts soem vampires with startling speed and reflexes. Thye can use Celerity to move with amazing swiftness in times of stress. Mortals, and even Kindred lacking this Disipline move as if in slow motion compared to the astonishing blur the vampire becomes.

******projectile *******Flower of Death ********Zephyr