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The Distinguished History Of Clan Ventrue

We Ventrue have never believed the maxim that history is written by the victors. After all, if that were true, why are there so many versions of the same stories? Instead, Ventrue who argue this point believe that history has been written by either survivors or, more likely, by the losers, for there have never been any winners. Most of us accept what follows as th emost valid history we know, but are willing to accept that our own myths and legends may be nothing more than welconstructed lies. Still, until we hear otherwise, these are teh factes we will espouse. After all these are the facts that make us feel good!

The First Nights

Yes, my dear friends, it has always been so.Our founder, the first of what have come to be called the Antediluvians, has always assumed responsibility for th eactions of it's weaker brethren, just as we do tonight. Sired on Caine's orders by the one whom legend has named Enoch or Lamech, Ventrue became Caine's first advisor and constant companion.

He sat at Caine's side as Caine over saw the growth of the paradise known as the First City. Originally a place of mud houses and open fires, it grew into a monument to all that the kindred can accomplish. Without the benifit of modern machinery, the First City soon boasted marble towers spiring to the heavens. Caine's own palace shone with gold, and the beauty of his main courtyard has never been paralleled.

The finest craftspersons of that ancient age created artworks the likes of which this planet has never again seen - simple but glorious, reflecting the unchecked promise and hope of that time. Caine himself turned the garden into a crowning masterpiece, using both magic and skill to evoke his own vision of penultimate beauty. To walk in the garden was to walk in paradise.

Still, our sire realized that all was not as it should be. After Caine's chlider began siring the rest of the Third Generation, Ventrue saw lines of worry begin to crease Caine's unchanging face. Our founder beseeched Caine to speak his fears, but at first caine would not respond. Then the First Immortal spoke as though entranced. There sitting amid the towering monuments of the First City, Caine revealed his dream of the future, wherein horror and catastrophe beset the world. Floods and earth quakes, volcanoes and disease would all strike.

Ventrue found it impossible to believe these stories, but Caine continued. His own chlider would survive, but teh mortals would be devastated by the destruction. Then they would seek someone to blame, and the childer of Seth would hunt teh childer of Caine, using powers of fire and faith to drive us from out havens and destroy us one by one until all the immortals were no more.

then Caine fell silent, and Ventrue sat stunned until he gathered courage to ask his question. Then he hasitatingly asked his grandsire that which we all fear- " Is the future engraved in stone, unchanging and unchangeable?"

Caine looked out over everything he had created and quietly replied, "I do not know."

Sharing Caine's view of the gleaming vista that was Enoch, our clan founder could not believe that such a horror could occur. Al his exstence he had known nothing but peace and prasperity in a land where mortal and immortal lived without conflict. Had such words been spoken by anyone but Caine himself, our ancestor Ventrue would have dismissed them out of hand. Spoken by the Father Of All, however, they tore at his soul and he wished he could claw his ears from his head rather than hear of such horror.

Caine continued. He told our ancestor that we were not the only supernatural beings on this planet. He spoke of beast men and dead men, sorserers and fey - beings with whom the undead would wage terrible eternal war. And waiting in the shadows beyond these beings are far more powerful masters, and tehse masters can not coexist. For all their power, these masters are afraid - afraid of each other and of thise forces that even the masters cannot comprehend.

These masters see the undead as threats, for we were capable of surviving outside of their wars. We could work with humans as none of them could. Where the beastmen could only subjugate humanity, where th esorcerors must always live apart from their fellows, where the dead and faeries could be nothing but alien beings, we were as much a part of the mortals' world as were the sun and teh moon.

When Ventrue was again alone, he could do nothing but ponder these words. When his beautiful lovers came to him, he sent them away. When the artisansd who decorated his palace sought to show him their latest works, he ordered them out of his presence. Alone he sat, spending night after night in contemplation of Caine's words.

Finally, after three weeks and two nights, he left his palace would do everything in his power to keep this tragedy from occuring. Should it occur despite his best efforts, he would strive with all his might to lessen the damage. He would see to it that one night, mortal and immortal threw off the shackles of the masters and freed themselves for all eternity.

More to come as I get the time