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Mortals, The Arcanum, The Inquisition


Do we have a responsibility to the childern of Seth? The answer is a resounding yes. They are as much in our charge as the Brujah, the malkavians or the lowly Caitiff.

The Arcanum

Our Kindred do not realize what a uesful tool this organization has been. Its members have succeeded in discovering much that we would never have found ourselves. Still, it remains imperative that neither it nor the Camarilla realizes the influence we have over it.

The Inquisition

A constant reminder of what a threat mortals can be when manipulated by more powerful forces. If there are such things as the Secret Masters, then the Inquistion is surely their handiwork.

Sects and Clans

The Camarilla

Obviously not the best of all possible organizations, but the best we can hope for. It is not under our control or anyones else's; instead, it provides a stage upon which we can watch and learn. Studied long enough, it should reveal who is attempting to accomplish what.

The Inconnu

These aged vampires are either the most flagrant liars or the most tragic dupes in existence. That tehy could ever believe that they are not being manipulated by other, more powerful entities is incomprehensible. These are some of the biggest pawns in the game. Still, their raw power makes them appear more like blundering rooks or queens. Beware.

The Sabbat

Yes, it was no doubt created to be a tool of the Secet Masters, but here we have achieved our greatest successes. The more successes it scores, the more powerful it becomes, the more imminent is its collapse. Our efforts have ensured that this vile sect cannot survive. When it comes crashing down, it will take it's Masters with it.


We have had more contact with this clan than anyoneelse, and almost destroyed it during Rome's heyday. Since the Inquisition, it has become apparent that it's power has been broken, and now it's assasins are nothing more than faithful lapdogs content to serve anyone who meets their price.


This noxious rabble shifts with the wind like the stench from a garbage dump. They have been our allies, enimies, betrayers and benefactors. If a Brujah says something, do not believe it. She may mean it with all sincerity, but even she may not know what she will do next. I would prefer their permanent enmity to our current unsteady alliance - at least then they would be predictable.

Followers of Set

These snakes may be predictable, but that does not make them any easier to deal with. Every time you enlist one of these creatures to your cause, you can be sure that he is searching for a way to manipulate events against you. Better to set them up and use them as the scapegoats for anything that might go wrong, thus destroying them before the can turn their attention to you.


Good, easily trained little pets. Feed their little delusions ("Oh, yes, by living in the Barrens you stay quite free of the Jyhad!"), throw them some bones (I would be more than happy to help prevent the paper mill from polluting your swamp."), nad they will support you as surely as a dog runs to the one who feeds it.


These carlatans like to play make-believe, excluding an aura of magic and mystery, but we know better. As far as magic goes, they are nothing compared to the Tremere. As far as business goes, they are less than nothing compared to us. When we wnat something they have, they give way without complaint. All rumors that tehy are manipulating us for some darker purpose are more than drivel.


Is their madness genuine, or is a ruse to make us relax our guard? The answer is probably both and beither. The Mallkavians have usually been our allies, as during Rome, but this has not always been the case. More than likely they are products of the Secret Masters' machinations, no longer able to express free will except through insanity.


This clan has done more to serve us than its members would care to believe, but it is still a clan to fear. Its members' constant snooping helps keep teh other clans in line, even if it does occasionally hurt us. The older members know the ancient stories, and they are the ones to fear. The very eldest seek those things our ancestors hid away, and their deep, dank tunnels are safe for no vampire.


Pawns one and all, these vampires delight in nothing more than destroying everything that can provide a sense of community. The only good it can do is to provide a rallying point around which we can gather the other clans for one goal - its destuction.


What a tragic history. It is so sad what happened to these poor vampires. Too bad there aren't any more around so we can make it up to them. (If you see one, tell a Tremere and put him in debt to you.)


Far craftier than they let on, the toreador present an ingenuous facade; in fact, many of its members are almost as capable at business and politics as we are. Individual members are trustworthy and follow laws of prestation, but the clan as a whole must be watched. It will change sides at a moments notice and still come out smelling like its flowery emblem.


The biggest organization of pretenders in existence, and a constant pain in the neck as well. As long as no one else trusts tehm, we can ensure that they can never usurp us. Needless to ay, we have played a key role in spreading the stories of their double-dealings and betrayals. While they remain subservient to us they are useful, but the Secret Masters have been at work here.

Princes, Anarchs and Others


We hold most of the positions, and there is no better place from which to watch and prepare. Let those with neither conscience nor heart hide their heads. Let them scream we are fools or lightning rods. We have our responsibilities and our duties, and we will fulfill them.


Speaking of screamers...The more freedoms these puppets demand, the more they would take away from anybody else. All their complaints must be taken with a barrel of salt, for these poor deluded fools have no idea what is really going on in the world. Those who believe themselves the most free are the biggest dupes.


These odd creatures truly exist, and we have occasionally worked with them. They have thier own understanding about the universe, and while no vampire should try to comprehend it, we can appreciate it all the same. Treat them courteously, seek to work with them, and always keep an escape route open.


Some Ventrue believe there is far more to these tragic wraiths tahn we have believed. Older vampires say dead souls have not been active since the middle ages. Stll, we have had little to do with them, and this is the way we should keep things.


They are among the greatest tools of the Secret Masters. These beasts have no will of their own and exist only to do the bigging of powerful spirits. They would do anything to bring us down, for theoir masters know we would do anything to block them. Do not expectquarter from a werewolf and do not give one any. Our presence powers are often enough to send the beasts howling in fear.


The Secret Masters manipulate the mages just as they do the lupines, but some mages remain free. If you need allies among the mages, look to those who deal with science, but do not trust them. Even those mages who are not controlled from afar can be trusted only as long as you can keep them looking at someone else. As soon as their hungry eyes turn to you, Dominate them or run.


There is such a state, but it is a tenuous and ephemeralone at best. Attaining it proves a momentary respite from the demands of our excistance, but losing it proves extremly traumatic. Becasue it cannot be held, one is better off never seeking it than finding it and subsequently losing it.