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Ventrue Links

The Ventrue Clan Message Board
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Ventrue Clan History
Ventrue Clan Opinions
Ventrue Clan Disiplines
The Ventrue Clan and How it Works

Current Members of the Clan Ventrue In the City of Noctum

Prince Devon Spears

Primogen Chloe Buchanon

Whip Vincent Wae

Shael DuBlaishe

Lord Jullian Calintier

Lady Drusillia Calintier

Areana Stoneheart Calintier

Edward Marshall

Dr. Keiser Rotgenhauer


Murray Williams



Caroline Smythe-Marshall

Chloe's Ghoul- Christian Maxwell

Carpe Noctum Ventrue Information

Below is a character sheet that you may copy, fill out and send to me at along with a brief history if you wish to join the Ventrue clan in the chronicle Carpe Noctum. These links contain much information collected of the Ventrue clan. All of it is from the various White Wolf books. I have scanned much of it so that there is no confusion and no disputes. The Ventrue in the City of Noctum is headed up by Primogen Chloe Buchanon. Her Whip is Vincent Wae, former Deputy Keeper of Elysium. Ventrue Clan meetings are held regularly on Tuesdays of every week at 7:00 pm eastern time unless other wise stated in a briefing on the message board in the offices at Buchanon Gallery. Rsvp's are expected every week as well as topics that each member would like put on the weekly agenda. A Noseferatu is present at every meeting to ensure the knowledge of us by their clan is always correct/accurate. No violence is to be brought into these meetings, weapons and all recording devices are taken by ghouls as you walk in the gallery offices. Ghouls may keep company in the gallery itself and are not to be present in the actual meeting.