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Nurse Deene

Nurse Deene

Howdy!!! Come in and make yourself comfortable. I hope I will have something here
for everybody sooner or later. My name is Deene and I'm a nurse in Texas. I've been on the Internet now for over 4 years and I learn something new each time I log on. The Internet is a wonderful thing that happened and I'm so happy it happened in my lifetime. I started off with a Webtv which I got in June, 1997. Then in July, 1998, I bought my first computer and I am still with the same one. They say computers get outdated very quickly, but I just hope mine will last alittle longer. LOL Well, so much for that stuff about me..........let's get on with the show!!!!!!!!

Some Information about NURSING

Nursing is defined as the process of caring for, or nurturing, another person. Specifically, nursing refers to the functions and duties carried out by people who have had education and training in the art and science of nursing. There are two major categories of nurses: Licensed practical/vocational nurses and registered nurses.

One of the first formal training programs for nurses was begun in 1836 in Germany by Pastor
Theodor Fliedner. Fliedner's school is noteworthy for training British nursing reformer Florence Nightingale, who later organized nursing care during the Crimean War (1833-1856) and established a nurse training program in London.
Originally, nurses received little classroom preparation. Most training was based on apprenticeships. Hospital-based programs still exist, but are usually affiliated with a college, where nursing students can take courses for academic credit.
Graduates of university and college nursing programs take the licensing examination in the state where they wish to practice. Upon passing, they may legally practice nursing and are allowed to use the initials RN (registered nurse) after their names. The one-year program for practical nurses includes classroom work and practical training in a hospital. Graduates who pass a licensing examination may use the initials LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse). These nurses practice under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Hope you enjoy visiting my site and will come again every chance you are in the neighborhood.