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    Welcome to our site all you Quake II Fans. Ancient Militia is a Quake II that specializes in LMCTF- An interesting twist on original ctf. Our true favorite and focus.



The results from the Modem Match with POOH.


What's New

11/27/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                 Yes we are alive and well

Is AM dead?  Nope.  Is Cho going to update this page?  Eventually.   Are they getting lazy or busy?  I guess a little of both.  So what the heck is new?  Well lots.  Ummm.... member status:

Silent Sam


Welcome new members, and good luck to those that have left.  Next up is the Ragnarok status.  We are now 5-2 in the Open division and 4-3 in the Modem division, well I guess 5-3 in Modem since we have a bye next week.

Outcome Opponent Score
Week 2
Open Lost FF 5-1
Modem Lost CB 11-3
Week 3
Open Lost HD 30-0
Modem Win Pooh 4-0
Week 4
Open Default Win KK
Modem Win NRR 4-2
Week 5
Open Win iW 2-1
Modem Lost FSK 2-1
Week 6
Open Win WC 4-1
Modem Win OMS 9-0
Week 7
Open Default Win DMO
Modem Win iW 8-0?

In other news, there is a couple changes to come yet in the page, sounds like possibly by next week.  I hope had a good Thanksgiving.  Oh and one little last note I think that I should put out before ending this would be to thank all those who have been helping us lately with servers.  So thanks goes to Seanie Pooh, Pride[7DS], Fleet[HD], the nachos people, and Grim from DT.  Thank you to all.

11/03/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

Okay here I go again getting behind, hopefully soon the project will be done so that this page will be kept a little more up to date.  Anyway to begin with I would like to welcome The Wiz to <AM> with his mad lpb skillz he is a nice addition, but a sadder note I hate to announce the departure of BaBaLoN.  He has gotten out of play LMCTF and therefore decided that he should leave the clan, and wish him luck.  Okay on to matches.... the Open division play FF and HD... losing both.  Not much else to say except that both FF and HD played excellent matches.  The Open division has a bye this week in the Ragnarok.  As for the Modem division, the recorded a lost to CB due to some major dropping of players.  It was not a good lost, but then to redeem their name they posted an outstanding game plan over POOH.  Nice job guys.  Next up on the Modem division schedule is NR on Wednesday.  I will update the results page later with the scores.

10/20/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

Hey guys just a little note to congratulate Narfmeep, Deth98, BaBaLoN, and Kreeporyon on their promotions.  Deth98 and Narfmeep were promoted to Sergeant, while Kreeporyon and BaBaLoN were promote to Corporal.  Congrats guys.

10/19/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

Hello guys.  Time for me to update before someone thinks we are dead and gone.   So here I go, first Kai Winn has left the clan due to his inability to be here as of late, it is a disappointment to loose him and I wish him luck in the future.  Also on the same note SuperNova has left due to a family commitment, and I wish him luck too.   Next we had our first matches in the Ragnorak.  The OPEN division won against Women's of Dragon's Bane.  The score was 21 caps to 0.  The MODEM division lost in the first week against PTH.  The score was 7 caps to 1.  This weeks matches are against FF in the OPEN division and the MODEM division is to face off against CB.   Also the page will start goin under some changes soon, hopefully they will help in the updating of it and there is talk of a move to another host, but that is still in the works.  Talk to you all later.  Oh I almost forgot that I elminated some of the older news and to join <AM> is by invitation only, thanks all.

10/08/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

What a week... well I have been slow on this update because of the hectic week that I have had here.  Okay what have was it that I was suppose to put up..... hmm....   okay going back to last Sunday we had 2 scrims, one with SAC and another with 7DS.   In the SAC scrim we lost both maps, I don't recall squads, but you can find them out from looking at the stats on the matches.  The first match was a nail biter at times but in the end SAC pulled out a lead that we could not catch up and take away from them, the map was Toxin Refinery.  The second map was on Wargrounds, in this map something happened that.... well... I would say is a rare thing.  SAC got 2 caps right away and then both teams got the others respected flag and the match was capless for the rest of it.  Excellent scrims SAC and thanks for them.  Next we had a scrim with 7DS on Battle of Little Flag Run, it was a toss up for a while to who was going to win, but finally we were able to win the match.  Okay what else is there.... doh I better not forget to mention our 2 new members.  They are Snake and Smoke.  They both are excellent LPB and a good addition to our squad.  Welcome guys.  Well I guess that is about all till we play our first Ragnorak matches, so talk to you all later.

10/02/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

Scrims, scrims and cho's laziness, I guess that about says it all.  We have had a couple of scrimmages lately and I have not been keeping up with the posting of them, so here I go.  Well we had our normal weekly scrim with 7DS on Wednesday of this week.    The map was Break the Ice and the squad was SuperNova and Prototheca on O, Crusader on float, and the D consisted of PhllyFryr and BaBaLoN.  Well we went down at first with not being able to control the quad, but finally we gained control and then went on to win the scrim.  Both teams played excellent and I would like to thank 7DS for the scrim.  The next scrim was yesterday against Sorry Ass Clan {SAC}.  Well we got one of our maps played before people had to get going.  We played Temples of Terror with the squad consisting of Crusader and Narfmeep on O, while BaBaLoN and I held up the d end of the field.  Well once again we went down in a deficit that we fought out of to win.  Excellent job guys.  Demos are uploaded and on page so get them and watch tem if ya want.  Also the rest of the {SAC} scrim will be played on Sunday, probably after practice.  In the Ragnorak, the OPEN match is set up for the most part, and we are working on the MODEM match, I will keep ya posted.

Spectra has decided to leave the clan, he has pretty much left the q2 community due to real life so feels that he should leave the clan too.  I wish him luck in his life and online life too.  Later spec.

09/25/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

Well it's late at night and I wanted to do this update before I left for the weekend so here I go.  The major deal of this update is to welcome NoSympathy to the clan.   NoSympathy is a lpb offense of player that will be a nice addition to the clan.   NS, as we like to call him has been "hanging out" with us for a while now, so what, we are a little slow and like to know our new members, and has proved his ability.  Congrats NS.  Also I, Cho'gall, will be gone for the weekend and will be leaving PhllyFryr in charge.  Well that's about it except the demos have been uploaded and are linked on the page now too.  Later guys and have a good weekend.

09/23/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

Well we have good news and bad news.  First the bad to get it out of the way.   Veldrane, who was co-leader in the clan, has decided to depart from the clan.   I do wish him luck in his ventures and would like to thank him for the help that he has given the clan in the past, he will be missed.  With Vel's departure, I have asked PhllyFyr to step up to a General for which he agreed.  Okay I think that is it on that.  The next thing is the good news.  We had a scrim with ATG tonight.  We played The Battle of Little Flag Run(LMCTF14) and The Compound(LMCTF16), on 7DS server.  We came out victorious on both maps.  they were excellent games and I would like to thank ATG for the scrim.  The squad was Prototheca and I on O, Crusader on float, and Vengeance and Kai Winn on D.  Good job guys.

09/21/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

News, news, news, Cho get off your ass and post some news.  Okay then I will.   Sorry been a little busy and been trying to get my skills back up where they belong.  Well lets see what I have to post.  Well as we all know we got booted from the OGl for having a disagreement with the Co-President, RazorCut, and then not apologizing, and his my ball my rules approach brought about our dismissal from there.   Next in line is our entry into the Ragnorak.  We are entered into both division, Modem and Open, and it is due to start October 11th.  We have 2 new members to our clan.  This includes SuperNova into the Modem division, and Vengeance.   Ven is a lpb defense man to help strengthen our strong defense.  Also Vel is currently taking a little break from the clan right now, so all "stuff" should be brought to me or PhllyFyr.  PhllyFyr, in Vel's absence, has agreed to step up and help me out.  Also we have a new ally, 7 Deadly Sins, and we have been having weekly scrims against them on Sundays.  I would like to thank them for this has really helped us get our team game back together.  Thanks guys.  Umm... I'm sure I have forgotten some stuff, so I will add that later as I remember it.  Otherwise that is all for now.

09/02/98   --updated by Cho'gall                                                                                                

And so the slump ends..... all good and I hope all bad things must come to an end.   Tonight we had a match with Forsaken(FSK) on the modem OGL ladder.  The squad consisted of Veldrane and PhllyFyr on O, Crusader floating, and Deth98 and Narfmeep on D.   The final was 3 caps for us to 0 for FSK.  Great job guys for getting us on the right track again, and thanks FSK for the good game.


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