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Ancient Militia Enlisted Man's Code

  1. Purpose
    1. The purpose of the clan is to have fun; this is first and foremost. Next is to win matches, but should never come before the primary purpose of the clan. All rules and regulations will stem from these two objectives, and therefore, members are expected to abide by these rules.
  1. Rules and Regulations
    1. Clan Location: The Ancient Militia is a Midwest to East Coast clan. This is so that all members of the clan will have relatively the same ping.
    2. Clan type (mods): The Ancient Militia is a LMCTF clan.
    3. Clan Size/Squads: The Ancient Militia will consist of no more than 14 active members and 4 reserve members. The Militia will be broken down into two squads. Each squad will consist of seven members with there being one General, and two Lieutenants.
    4. Ranking System: The Ancient Militia will have a military ranking system. Ranks are: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and General and can be subdivided further if need be. All entry-level clan members will begin at Private and work their way up and there will be no more than 2 Generals and 4 Lieutenants. Promotions will be based on gameplay, clan participation and the Prestige Ranking(see below). Demotions will be based on lack of clan participation and also Prestige Ranking. Generals are the leaders of the clan, with the Lieutenants assisting them.
    5. Administrative Agency: The Ancient Militia will have an administration agency consisting of the Generals and Lieutenants. The administration agency will handle member’s promotions, demotions, tournament entries, decisions on reprimands, etc.
    6. Reprimands: The administration agency will look into any situation that reflects negatively on clan as a whole by any member/members. The admin agency will discuss and determine if and any reprimand that is necessary. And if decided the agency’s decision will be carried out and obeyed immediately. Also, if a member misses two practices, within a three week period, and without prior notification to one of the two Generals, will result in a reprimand that will be determined on number of offenses.
      1. First Offense: Excluded from one match.
      2. Second Offense: Excluded from one match and demotion of one rank.
      3. Third Offense: The third offense can result in removal from the clan if the administration agency fells that it is necessary.
    1. Practices: There are two days permanently set for practices, Sunday and Tuesday nights at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern. The two squads will practice separately or practice against each other. The Generals (or Lieutenants if given permission) can reserve the right to call one additional practice during the week. Note: Practices will not be scheduled on Friday or Saturday nights due to obvious reasons.
    2. Recruiting/Try-outs: The webpage will contain a page for signing up to join the clan. After being contacted and getting to know the recruit the following process will be followed:
      1. All recruits will first go through a testing with 3 members of the clan, a General being one, in the mod of Duel. (This is a server-side only mod, with the exception of some new maps for it that must be obtained and placed in the duel directory.) During the duel matches demos will be taken. After completion of the testing in Duel there will be a meeting between the 3 members that tested you and any other members of the clan that seems fit to be a judge. In this meeting it will be decided if the player is worthy enough of anymore testing.
      2. If it is decided that the player is worthy of further testing he/she will go into a 1 to 2 week testing period where he/she will play with members of the clan. Each person in this phase will be given a sponsor (who will be chosen by a General). The player and the sponsor should try to play with each other, and once again demos are expected from both when they are playing. It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to get these demos to me, but if the player feels this is not being done then a General should be informed. A meeting date will be set after the demos have been reviewed by members of the Administration Agency and at the meeting it will be decided whether the recruit should be adopted into the clan.
    3. Reserves: The Ancient Militia will have four reserve members, two for each squad. The reserve members will be called on when active members are non-available for matches. The reserves will also attend practice when able to practices. They will also have first opportunity to become active members when a slot becomes open.
  1. Meeting Areas
    1. ICQ: The Militia will use ICQ as a tool to contact other members of the clan. All members are required to have ICQ for this reason, it is obtainable here.
    2. IRC: Also, on top of ICQ, all members are required to have IRC, this is due to the instability of ICQ. IRC is a more stable multi-person chat, and therefore will be used for our clan meetings and where to meet before practice starts and after. Most clan member use Virc, which is available here.
  2. Prestige Rank
    1. A member may only challenge those members directly above them in rank.
    2. A member may only challenge for position once a month.
    3. If the challenger loses, he does not lose rank. If the challenger wins, the loser does not lose rank either. Also in addition to this there can be only 3 members per rank, except for the entry level rank and lieutenant rank, so if a challenger wins and advances to the higher rank with 3 members already in it, then there must be a play-off in this rank to determine the 3 members. All the same match rules will apply, except the settings will be chosen by the administration agency and there will be only two maps play, both decided by the administration agency.
    4. Prestige Matches must be accepted by the champion. However, if the Champion declines, the challenger may appeal his decision to the administration agency. The administration agency will then have a vote to consider the issue.
    5. Prestige Matches will not be taken place on LANs. The purpose of Prestige Matches is to better the rank of the player in the Quake II community. The members of this clan play on the Internet and therefore must prove their skill on the Internet as well. This establishes a value for each player.
    6. Demos must be taken of the Prestige Match for submission to the Administration. This is to establish the fact that the match was fair. Also at least one member of the administration agency must be a spectator at the match.
    7. Prestige Matches are played on servers running Duel, and in the future, only on the clan's private server. Also the match will consist of 3 different maps, one to be chosen by each of the following: the Challenger. the Champion, and final one by the Administration.
    8. The settings for the match must be specified in the challenge.
    9. The challenge must be cleared by one officer of the administration agency before it can be issued.
    10. Members cannot advance into the ranks of General and Lieutenant. These ranks are solely held by leadership members of the clan and advancement into these ranks will only be decided by those members.
  1. Proposals and Ratification
    1. Due to changes in time and in the clan itself there more than likely arise times when it will be necessary for this document to be ratified. Proposal for ratification of this document can be proposed by any member of the clan, but they must also have at least one officer of the administration agency in agreement with them. There then will be an appropriate amount of time set for discussion by the administration agency, with a vote taken that includes all responding members of the clan 3 days after the discussion has ended. This vote and discussion is then taken into account by the administration agency and they must have a majority vote in the administration agency to decide if the proposal is added. If a tie would result, then the tie-breaking vote is what the clan members’ vote went towards.