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Parent And Children Fire Safety Tips.
Escape Tips
1.If You See Smoke as you escape,try another escape route.
2.If you have to escape through smoke,crawl low to your exit. Keep your head one to two feet (30 to 60 centimeters) above the floor. That's where the air will be cleanest.
3.Test doorknobs and the space between the door and it's frame with the back of your hand before opening doors. If the door is warm,try another escape route. If it's cool, open it slowly. Be ready to slam the door shut if smoke pours through.
4.Never go back into the building for any reason- until it's safe. If someone is trapped inside,tell firefighters.
Here are some important fire safety rules.
* Never play with matches or lighters
* Always be careful around a stove,heater or open fire.
* Don't cook without an adult being present.
* If your clothes catch on fire,"Stop,Drop,and Roll!"
* If your friends clothes catch on fire,don't let him or her run.
* Yell,"Stop,Drop, and Roll!"
* Get adult help or call 9-1-1 or "0" for operator.
* Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.
Do You Know What To Do If There Was A Fire?

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