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Deaf Freedom House of Ft. Worth

a recovering community of and for the deaf and hard of hearing

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What   are   we???

DFHFW is sort of a halfway house for Deaf and HOH people who are recovering from addiction or mental illness. It is a 4 unit apartment building. There are two 1 bedroom units, one 2 bedroom unit and one efficiency. We have moved into the two bedroom unit now and it is already booked at this time. The building owner (with almost 9 years of recovery) is living there and the first two clients plus one more -- cuz he wanted in and we squeezed. The one bedroom apartments will be available June 1st. The efficiency will be used as the "Rebos Room" for meetings classes and hangin' out. We didn't expect to get this one until December but the lady moved out (with a little concession made on her lease)so one guy is staying there to relieve the congestion until the upstairs people move out this month (May). That is it for now. MORE INFO AS IT DEVELOPS>>> Contact: Clark G. at; Phone: Voice/Fax (817)923-3115; TTY: (817)923-3172 Snail Mail: PO Box 11402, Ft. Worth, Tx. 76110-0402

A Verrrrry helpful list with more to come...

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