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Need a Laugh? You've come to the right place! 'Cause I've got the links to wipe that frown off your face! Learn the tricks of the comedic trade at a "comedy college", visit virtual comedy clubs, read and tell the latest jokes, become Johnny Blazer in the online comedy game Road Dog Fleas and more! Whatever tickles your funnybone, your sure to find it here! Enjoy. (And laugh Your Ass off!)




Please be patient as I complete my list of links and "tweak" this page as necessary. Why not bookmark HA!HA! HOUSE? Then when you want to see what's new and have a cackle, it'll only be a click away!


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Please note that I just discovered on 9/10/98 that this e-mail was not working. I believe I have fixed it. If you have tried to mail me in the past and received no response, please try again! Thanks, Christina.




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