Really Useful Animated Gifs Collection--A great site with everything from flying dragons to kissing lips! You can get the dueling wizards above, seasonal, cartoon, text and animal animations here. That's not to mention some cool page dividers...Check it out!


Freebird's Animated Gifs--Just one section of a large site, these animations take up 21 pages! Everything from e-mail icons to sunsets can be found here. Also, Freebird offers you approximately 20 colorful backgrounds to choose from. There are no set categories here, though most pages seem to have a theme to them. A strollin' Greatful Dead bear, flashing lightening, twinkling, turning stars and many more animations make this site home.


NetCREATORS Icon Page--Magnus, that cool cat, has created a great collection of over 200 animated gifs, plus over 400 other graphics here. Like Freebird, this site's best quality is variety--lots of cartoons, 9 page dividers, TVs, under construction animations, a zooming car, a soccer ball-kicking two pages of backgrounds.


Dragon's Animated Gallery--Want a dancin' Austin Powers, baby? How about a happy ying yang? Not your style? Well, then, maybe you're looking for fire-breathing dragons, space ships, blooming roses, flashing faces, waving hands, running horses or cars being chased by the cops. This is truly an extensive site where you're sure to find something that fits your needs. Some truly amazing animations here. Don't miss it!


Well, hopefully these four pages, with literally hundreds of different animations between them, will keep you busy while I continue to add to my list of links. For now I simply wanted to post the names of the sites from whence all the animations on my other pages(please see links below) came from. As far as I know, none of the images here are protected by copyright and all of them and the animations on these links can be used free of charge. If you should encounter any information that indicates otherwise, or need to report a link that isn't working for you, please

Speaking of links that don't work, this e-mail has not been working! If you've tried to send me any mail through this link, please send it again, as messages sent through here have been going to the wrong address! I apologize and assure you that the problem was fixed as of 09/10/98. Thanks


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