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The 4-H 2000 Club
The 4-H 2000 Club is a community club that was created in 1994 by Betty Kirkpatrick and some sixth graders at Stuart Elementary School. It is associated with the Patrick County Extension Program. All members are currently in the tenth grade and attend Patrick County High School. Members meet once a month and rotate offices every three months. The majority of members are also a member of the Patrick County 4-H Teen Board. Like other community clubs, the 2000 Club dedicates its time to helping the community and aiding those who are in need.

Table of Contents


Beverly Beasley
Megan Daumen
Kristin Gregory
Stacey Hill
James Kirkpatrick
Dori Martin
Robbie McIntyre
Kelly Simpson
Melissa Vaught
Carol Beasley
Betty Kirkpatrick


School Supply Drive
Annually the club collects donations and supplies from different businesses around the community. The club spends this money on school supplies(pens, pencils, paper, etc.) for needy children in the county. The club met on September 21st to prepare packages to be sent to the elementary schools.
"The Zombie"
Megan made her debut performance as an actess in the play, "The Zombie," sponsored by the Reynolds Homestead. Members of The 2000 Club attended the performance on September 27th to help cheer her on.
Pumpkin Carving
The club met on October 26th to carve pumpkins to be donated to various businesses around Patrick County. Pictures were taken using a digital camera at this meeting. After the club finished carving pumpkins, Mrs. Kirkpatrick showed the club how to view these pictures on a computer.
Power Point
The club attended a demonstration of how to use and apply the many features of Power Point 97. This demonstration was given by Diane Hughes, a business teacher at Patrick County High School.
Home Alone Dinner
On Wednesday, November 26th, some members of the club helped serve meals at the annual Home Alone dinner. The dinner is for needy families and people in the community who may not be able to prepare themselves a large Thanksgiving feast.
Christmas Cheer
Every year the club sponors a needy family in the community. The club provides the children with Christmas presents, clothes, toys, etc.
Despite the cold weather, the club rings bells for the Salvation Army every year in front of Lowes' Foods in December. This year, the club rang bells on Tuesday, December 23. Members alternated shifts every hour beginning at 11:00 am.
Stocking Stuffers
Last year, members brought in stocking stuffers to send to residents at the local nursing home. Items have again been collected this year and sent to the Blue Ridge Nursing Home. The stocking stuffers were delievered on Tuesday, December 23.
Share the Fun
The Patrick County 4-H Share the Fun Talent Show was held on Saturday, February 21 at 7:00 pm. The club sold refreshments during intermission. Congratulations to Melissa for advancing to state! The show was directed by Teen Board members Kristin Hylton, Jessica Mabe, Gail Stone, and Sarah Taylor. Overall winners were: Senior division, Becky Breen (flute), Jennifer McKinney (piano), and Sarah Taylor (vocals), combination; "My Heart Will Go On." Junior division, Brandi Cote, gymnastics; "Lollipop." Other acts moving to state competition; Dana Trent (vocal), Melissa Vaught (Vocal), Chasity Meadors (dance), Lindsey Bryant, Erin Hill, Christel Humphrey, and Amy Kornett (dance).
Upcoming: Recycle
The club has made plans to create and star in their own recycling video for Patrick County. This is a contest sponsored by the Patrick County Board of Supervisors.


The 4-H 2000 Club and Patrick Couty 4-H Teen Board have made plans to go on a ski trip this February. No exact date has been set as of yet. The clubs will be going to Winterplace, WV for a day full of fun, excitement, and snow!
Rock Climbing
The club went rock climbing on Sunday, November 30th. Afterwards the club went to see the lights at Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem, NC. After seeing the festival of lights, the club went out for supper before returning home.
Ice Skating
If time and weather permit, the club will hopefully be going ice skating this winter at the LJVM Coliseum in Winston-Salem, NC.

1997-98 Calendar of Events

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