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Army Rangers 

(Ranger scouting)

When there are strategic, significant, and tactically valuable targets that need to be captured or taken out in a timely manner or that are critical to the United States, the Army Rangers are the one for the job.  The objective of the Ranger's is to plan and conduct special military operations in support of United States policy and objectives. This mission is accomplished by strike, light infantry, and special military operations against targets under conditions, which require the unique capabilities of the unit.  Operation conditions require Ranger's to be highly trained, deployable, flexible, and totally reliable. 

The picture to your left shows a Ranger in light combat gear.  Equipped with a standard M16 and light camo gear, this ranger is probably on a scouting mission.

Green Berets 

(Berets hustle)

A breed apart; a highly skilled, mature, and superbly trained soldier. The Green Berets are unquestionably one of the world's unconventional warfare experts.  A teacher first and a fighter of uncommon physical and mental caliber.  The Green Berets, a soldier ready to serve anywhere at any time.  Special Forces demands a tremendous amount of inventiveness and self reliance. 

The picture to your left shows Green Berets in heavy combat gear.  They are equipped with night vision binocs and one has a SAW machine gun, while the other has a converted M16.

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