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Loads of my favorite sites!

Net Teens
Electric Postcards
Greetings Cards
X-Files Piccies
The Student Center
The Official Blind Melon Homepage
EVIL Little Brother Excuse GeneratorExcuses to get you out of (almost!) anything
The Universal Cheerleading Association Homepage
The Metallica Fan Club Page
MTV Online
The Safe Sex Homepage
Saying NO to Drugs
Soberspace (Online Therapy for Alcoholics)
HumorscopeFunny Horoscopes
IQ Testing
Magic 8-Ball

Visit the World Headquarters of Netaholics Anonymous

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Carla's Clubhouse
Liz's club!
Marisa's homepage!
Josh's homepage!
Mike's homepage!
Jennifer's 'Dominique Moceanu Homepage'!
Jennifer's other homepage!
Matt's homepage!
Matt's other homepage!
Amanda's club!
Danny's 'Super Simpsons' homepage!
Heidi's homepage!
Daniela's homepage!
The PauLie "What The Hell Are You Doing Here" Page!
Jacob's homepage!
Owen's homepage!
Simon's homepage!
Jim H's 'Tickle Me Elmo Hate Page!'
Julz's Page!
Carla's World!
Sheena's Internet Plaza!
Katie's homepage!
Lauren's homepage!
Kieran's homepage!
Cazi's Duke Nukem 3D Page!
Helena's Superstars homepage!
aLan's gArbage!
Jeff's homepage!
Laura's homepage!
Eliya's Dance Site!
Violette's homepage!
Dustin's homepage!
Beast's homepage!
Ana's 'Twisted Little World'
Alex's 'Living Home Page'
Patty's 'Home of the Mysterious Mind Master'
Brittany's Zone!
Jeff's NEW Homepage!
Lin's 'Lil Homepage!
Caroline's page 'Fazaa's Rocket 88'
Lennie's Homepage!
Cara's page 'Delirium's Doorway'
Ashley's 'Welcome To Alternaland!' page!
Andrea's homepage!
Dreamer2002's Room!
Echo's Modern Life
Carla Y's 'Teen Party House'
Chris' 'DTK69'z Homepage'
Adrienne's Club!
Ben's 'Nuclear Meat Emporium'
Trish's homepage!
'Pattia's Cool Page!'
Slade's homepage!
Leonora's Cyber Room!
Derek's 'Black Death'
Sara's 'Dominique Moceanu' page!
Amanda's 'Unofficial Mike Vitar Fan Site'
Sonia's 'The ROOM!!'
Bobby's 'No Doubt' page!
Mike's homepage!
Amy's 'Unofficial Kamar de los Reyes Fan Club'
Kim's homepage!
Ebie's homepage!
Leslie's homepage!
Michael's Page of Stuff!
Katie's 'Poet's Place'
Russ's Homepage!
Rhonda's Little Place on the Web!
Michelle's Homepage!


Ashley's Apartment
Tigger's Treehouse
Desma's Planet
Jeremy's Homepage
Steve's Homepage


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