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Here are some things to show your pride for Teen Zone!

Print this one out to impress friends and family!

If you were a true member of Teen Zone, you'd print this out, glue it on your forehead, and strut around school banging on your chest with your fists yelling "Proud member of Teen Zone!" Just kidding!

This one looks great at the top or bottom of web pages. It is also what Teen Zone uses for Link Exchange.

If you are going to put any of these on your page, please link it back to:

If you don't know what source code to write, click the right mouse button, and click on "View Source" on the little menu which appears. The HTML for the page will then appear. Cut and paste the HTML for the picture into your page, and it should work. If you have any problems, e-mail me at Hope you like these! LISTEN UP: If you construct a card, button, banner, or etc for Teen Zone, you can earn 75 points or even more. Just attach them in an e-mail!