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Peter Stack's Review from the San Fransisco Chroncicle

Walt Disney's 1988 animated musical feature ``Oliver & Co.,'' a cute twist on Charles Dickens, is being rereleased today at Bay Area theaters. Featured voices are those of Billy Joel, Cheech Marin, Dom DeLuise, Bette Midler and Robert Loggia. An orphaned kitten, Oliver (voice of Joey Lawrence), befriends a gang of streetwise dogs in teeming Manhattan. The pack is led by proud Dodger (Joel), and includes a snappy Chihuahua, Tito (Marin). The gang's human leader is Fagin (DeLuise). Oliver is taken in by a lonely rich girl (Natalie Gregory), whose uppity poodle Georgette (Midler) becomes an amusingly catty rival. The villain is Sykes (Loggia).

The film offers a fanciful, lush urban setting, unusual for Disney animated features, and a couple of good songs, ``Once Upon a Time in New York City'' performed by Huey Lewis and ``Perfect Isn't Easy'' sung by Midler.

``Oliver & Company'' was noted for its extensive use of computer-generated imagery, techniques employed extensively by Disney in the '90s, from ``The Little Mermaid'' to Pixar's ``Toy Story.''